420 Investor

Helping Cannabis Investors Navigate a New Sector Since 2013

Alan Brochstein’s 420 Investor is the only due diligence platform trusted by cannabis investors for over 9 years. The go-to premium service for investors to learn, explore, and profit from publicly-traded cannabis stocks. The primary goal of 420 Investor is to provide professional, real-time, objective information about the top cannabis companies in the market in order to help investors Capitalize on Cannabis™.

Why Investors Subscribe

Real-time, market moving news and analysis!
Cut out the noise and get the facts straight from the longest running full-time cannabis analyst.

Real-Time News and Trade Alerts

420 Investor real-time news alerts allow subscribers to be in the drivers-seat before anyone else, allowing them to make important investing decisions based on timely, factual and material information and data. Alert examples include: Stock trades, earnings release summaries, market moving legislative and political news, insider sales, market updates and more.

Ratings, One-pagers and Research Reports

Focus and broad list stocks ratings through 1-5 (1 best, 5 worst) to easily differentiate the cream of the crop. Detailed institutional grade research reports dive into the fundamentals while one-pagers breakdown outstanding share count data that consider warrants, options and convertibles.

Analysis of Financials

Alan breaks down complex financial statements and press releases that undercover hidden truths quickly.  This financial analysis is valuable to all members, whether novice or pro, as he explains the important issues in an easy-to-understand way in various areas of 420 Investor, including within the forum, the monthly newsletter, which is exclusive to the service, videos and more.

Earnings Previews

Flip a coin or be a part of the most comprehensive earnings preview summaries available to retail investors. For each company on his extensive Focus List reporting in a given week, Alan reviews the prior fiscal quarter and provides a written summary of current expectations from industry analysts. He also shares his own expectations of deviations from the consensus and other important issues that may arise, leaving subscribers prepared to quickly evaluate the news.

Extensive Stock Forum

The largest and most active cannabis stock forum on the internet bar none. The 420 Investor forum allows subscribers to follow updates about hundreds of stock and allow them to ask questions and get insight quickly from both Alan but also other members as well.

Model Portfolios

If you are often confused what cannabis stocks should you own at any given time, you’d like this. There are three model portfolio offered that serve different purposes:

Flying High: Geared towards traders, with entries targeting specific targets with intended stop-losses over typically a two-week period, designed to capture the volatility of the market.

420 Opportunity: A more longer-term focused portfolio that is typically fully invested and is managed to beat the Global Cannabis Stock Index.

420 Quality: Also longer-term focused and managed with the goal of beating the market but with less trading and a minimum quality criterion, leaving it less speculative than 420 Opportunity.

10 Videos Every Week

An overview of how cannabis stocks are trading twice a day, every day. Once in pre-market and once mid-day. Ever have the question “How is my cannabis stock doing?” Well, this this is for you. Also included is a comprehensive weekend video which goes through dozens of stocks on the focus list, talking about chart technicals, fundamentals and valuations.

Weekly Q&A Chat

Join us for a weekly LIVE chat dubbed “Toking Tuesday” to discuss both micro and macro trends and to answer any long-form questions by subscribers. Alan joins in on the mic and discusses topics in real-time which is then recorded for easy replay.

Weekly Summaries

420 Investor is the home of many busy professionals who are not always available, and the comprehensive weekly cannabis stock summaries allow you to cut out the noise. Every Friday night a weekly review is written that goes over some of the most important highlights across the cannabis sector. This can include news headlines, index performance review, model portfolio performance review, calendar updates such as earnings calls and share unlocks and a long term outlook with a review of current big themes.