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Canopy Growth Corp.
Toronto Stock Exchange: WEED
Sector: Healthcare
Industry: Legal Cannabis
Country: Canada
Employees: 546 at 03/31/17
Established: 2012
CEO: Bruce Linton


Fiscal Year-End: March
License Renewal Month: Jan, Feb
Licenses: 7
Licensed Capacity: 21,100 KG Dry/ 9800 KG Oil
Number of Patients: ~55K
Headquarters: Smith Falls, ON

Financials (03/31/17)

Cash on hand: $101.8mm
Fixed Investment: $96.3mm
Shareholders’ Equity: $614.7mm
Revenues – Last Quarter: $14.7mm
Adj. Gross Margin: 66.0%
EPS: -0.14

Capital Structure (06/26/17)

Last Financing: 2.5mm shares at $9.70
Basic Shares: 162.2mm
Warrants: none
Options: 10.0mm
Diluted Shares: 172.2mm

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Company Brief

Canopy Growth Corporation, formerly Tweed Marijuana Inc., is a medical marijuana company based out of Smiths Falls, Ontario. It is the first federally regulated, publicly traded cannabis producer in North America, traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange as WEED. Canopy Growth Corp. is the first multi-licensed, geographically diverse marijuana producer in Canada.

CGC is the parent company of licensed cannabis producers Tweed Inc., Tweed Farms Inc., MettrumBedrocan Canada Inc. and Tweed Grasslands, with a combined approved growing platform of over 665,000 sq. ft. of production space. The company operates CraftGrow, a collection of artisan cannabis products produced by the best growers in Canada, HomeGrow, an online seed provider and Tweed Main Street, an online marketplace.

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  • Leading publicly-traded producer in terms of revenue, grams shipped and registered medical patients
  • Multiple production facilities featuring indoor and greenhouse growing and multiple brands and 45 quality strains of cananbis targeting medical (Bedrocan, Mettrum and Tweed), Health & Wellness (Mettrum) and recreational (Tweed) markets
  • First publicly-traded LP (April 2014) and first to attain listing on the Toronto Stock Exchange (August 2016).
  • Strategic partnerships with Snoop Dogg and DNA Genetics to develop proprietary brands and new strains
  • International alliances across three continents, including Australia, Brazil and Germany
  • Brick-and-mortar presence with Tweed Main Street, helping educate prospective patients, connect them with physicians and streamline registration

Intercorporate Relationships

The following chart illustrates, as of June 28, 2017, the Corporation’s subsidiaries, including their respective jurisdiction of incorporation and percentage of voting securities of each that are held by the Corporation either directly or indirectly.

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Institutional Analyst Coverage

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Cowen and Company

Canopy Growth Partners

cgc-partner-auscannDriven by a leadership team consisting of former legislators, public health experts, and medically-focused entrepreneurs, AusCann is a leader in Australia’s emerging medical cannabis industry. Working with Canopy’s subsidiaries Tweed and Tweed Farms, AusCann is in the process of developing world-class production standards that they will use to grow clean, consistent medical strains. Australian patients will have access to a wide array of AusCann products in 2017.

cgc-partner-cansciencelogoCannScience is an R&D biopharmaceutical company established to conduct research and development of therapeutic products based on the extracts from medical cannabis. CannScience is developing proprietary technologies that will be the future of medical cannabis delivery, and through its 33% stake in the company, Canopy is happy to be along for the ride.

Canopy Health Innovations (CHI) operates as an independent and private collaborator of Canopy Growth Corporation and its subsidiaries. CHI is owned in part by Canopy Growth and qualified private investors. CHI’s business model is to engage simultaneously in numerous research areas, with a strict focus on the creation and enhancement of intellectual property, which is then retained exclusively on a first-priority basis. Canopy Growth and its subsidiaries retain an exclusive, first priority right to license and commercialize intellectual property developed and owned by CHI.

cgc-partner-delivraTopical cannabis products have proven market demand but have yet to be created for the legal medical cannabis market in Canada. By teaming with Delivra, Tweed will be able to offer customers a unique product suite, produced to exacting standards and presented alongside a wide and growing range of cannabis options. Delivra has created a new topical formulation for this express purpose, to be made exclusively available in Canada from Tweed. Delivra and Canopy Growth are also collaborating on a series of studies to reinforce the body of scientific evidence surrounding the transdermal application of cannabinoids. The companies anticipate that transdermal cannabinoids could be an effective therapeutic option for a range of conditions.

DNA Genetics have won awards in every category in the Cannabis Cup, the world’s preeminent cannabis competition. They are, simply put, global breeding and growing legends. DNA has partnered with Tweed to ensure all that knowledge and experience is put to good use as Tweed and Tweed Farms continue to iterate through their growing and curing processes to arrive at nothing short of perfection. Working with DNA, Tweed will be breeding new strains for customers that simply aren’t available anywhere else in the world, and bringing the best of existing DNA genetics to Tweed customers, bred and grown to the DNA standards the world expects.

Indoor Harvest is developing aeroponic agriculture solutions for the cannabis industry. The Texas-based company is already working with CityFarm at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to revolutionize the efficiency and accessibility of agriculture. Working with Tweed’s R&D team, Indoor Harvest is developing IP that both companies can leverage and license throughout the world.

cgc-partner-SNOOPLOGOSSnoop Dogg is one of the most revered figures in music, entertainment and more recently, a business pioneer in the cannabis sector. Over a respected career that stretches 25 years, his repertoire has turned him into a cultural icon across mediums. Snoop and business partner Ted Chung recently launched online media platform MERRY JANE, the definitive cultural destination for news and original content. He is also the first celebrity to release a branded line of products, “Leafs By Snoop,” which includes hand-weighed flower, concentrates, and edibles. Via Casa Verde Capital, Snoop has also made a foray into the venture capital model for early stage start-ups. Tweed is pleased to partner with Snoop, a true global powerhouse.

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