Cannabis advertising, public relations, and marketing

At New Cannabis Ventures, we set the bar high, and by doing so we ensure that we continue to highlight promising companies and influential investors in the cannabis industry. We let other publications distribute the noise, while we focus on what really matters.

We have served as a valuable ally and increased the reputation for companies and organizations such as…


One-time outreach

Visually Enhanced PR: Complimentary
For qualified press releases, we’ll add photos & appealing formatting free of charge

Sponsored Newsletter: $2,000
A mention and graphic ad in our popular Sunday letter published to our website

Event Marketing: $2,500
One month of service, including a fixed banner on our events page, participation in a rotational banner on every article and a sponsorship of one Sunday newsletter

Continual outreach

Comprehensive Services: $3,000 – $4,000 per month
Add credibility and validation by signing up for our extensive public relation services, digital marketing, content publishing, and social media advertising along with a personalized service to help you better connect with our curated network of investors, entrepreneurs and the media.

Transparent pricing, no extra or hidden charges:

  • Banner creation and ad copyrighting services included
  • No hidden fees for media introductions and speaking events
  • No long-term or multi-year contracts

Start connecting with our readers

Our clients don’t want to advertise to the Facebook masses, they want a sophisticated, investment and business-centric audience. At New Cannabis Ventures, we have spent our entire existence, plus many more years outside the industry cultivating the right audience and earning our reputation. We take pride in the content we highlight, and the companies we represent. To learn more about how we can maximize your ROI, please fill out the form below.