Cannabis Stock IPOs and New Issues Tracker

The Cannabis Stock IPO and New Issues Tracker, managed by New Cannabis Ventures, tracks upcoming initial public offerings of cannabis companies within the United States, Canada and other countries. The tracker also provides data on upcoming RTOs (Reverse Takeovers). This data-driven, fact-based tracker will continually update based on new filings. Companies must file with the SEC, SEDAR or their regulatory authority to be considered for inclusion.

Updated on 09/24/18.

CompanyFiling MarketSymbolExpected DateDescription
Acreage HoldingsSEDARCSE NovemberMult-State U.S. Operator
BhangSEDARCSEFlorida-Based Cannabis Brand
Biome GrowSEDARCSECanadian LP
Blacklist HoldingsSEDARCSEWashington-Based Vape Pen and Cannabis Cartridge Producer
CSEMassachusetts-Based Multi-State Operator
DionyMed HoldingsSEDARCSECalifornia-Based Multi-State Operator (Herban Industries)
Dixie BrandsSEDARCSEColorado-Based Multi-State Brand
Fire and FlowerSEDARTSX-VCanadian Cannabis Retailer
Flower One HoldingsSEDARCSEFONECanadian-Based Strategic Investor Focused Initially on Nevada
FlowrSEDARTSX-VFLWRSeptember 26Canadian LP
GrowForce HoldingsSEDARTSX-VOctoberCanadian LP
Grown RogueSEDARCSEOregon-Based Multi-State Operator
Halo LabsSEDARNEOHALOOregon-Based Extraction Company
MediPharm LabsSEDARTSX-VLABSOctober 3Canadian LP Focused on Extraction
MVC TechnologiesSEDARCSECanada-Based Technology Company Operating Across North America
Nextleaf SolutionsSEDARCSECanadian Turnkey Extraction Services Provider
Plus ProductsSEDARCSECalifornia-Based Infused Products Manufacturer
MJardinSEDARCSEColorado-Based North American Facility Operator
PharmaCieloSEDARTSX-VCanadian-Based Licensed Producer in Colombia
Province BrandsSEDARTSX-VCanadian Developer of Cannabis Beverages
RMMI CorpSEDARCSERMMISeptember 25Canadian ACMPR Applicant
Rubicon OrganicsSEDARCSECanadian ACMPR Applicant with Operations in U.S.
TILT HoldingsSEDARCSENorth American Provider of Capital, Goods and Services with an ACMPR Applicant
Top Strike ResourcesSEDARCSEVENISeptember 24Capital Provider in U.S.
TrulieveSEDARCSETRULSeptember 25Florida-Based Multi-State Operator
urban-GroSECOTCColorado-Based Provider of Technology, Lighting and Supplies
Xtraction ServicesSEDARCSEProvider of Cannabis Oil Processing Solutions in the U.S.