Cannabis Stock IPOs, New Issues and SPACs Tracker

The Cannabis Stock IPO, New Issues and SPACs Tracker, managed by New Cannabis Ventures, tracks upcoming initial public offerings of cannabis companies within the U.S., Canada and other countries. The tracker also provides data on upcoming SPACs (Special Purpose Acquisition Companies) and RTOs (Reverse Takeovers). This data-driven, fact-based tracker will update based on new filings. Companies must file with the SEC, SEDAR or their regulatory authority to be considered for inclusion.

Cannabis IPOs and New Issues

Updated on 10/29/20 (this date updates only when there is a new qualified addition)
CompanyFiling MarketDescriptionSymbolExpected
AAA Medic MontrealSEDARTSX-VQuebec ACMPR Applicant
Blackshire CapitalSEDARCSEInvests in Private Cannabis Companies
Breath of Life InternationalSEDARTSXIsraeli Licensed Medical Cannabis ProducerBOLP
Clever LeavesSECNASDAQGlobal Cannabis OperatorCLVR
CWE European HoldingsSEDARTSXVGerman Hemp Operator
Eden EmpireSEDARCSENorth American Integrated Cannabis Operator
Embark HealthSEDARTSX-VCanadian Extraction LP
EMMAC Life SciencesSECNASDAQEuropean Cannabis Operator
HempFusion WellnessSEDARTSXAmerican CBD
Hemptown OrganicsSEDARTSXVCBD
HollyWeed North CannabisSEDARTSXVCanadian LP Focused on Processing and Ancillary Solutions
Innovate PhytotechnologiesSEDARCSECanadian Hemp Services Provider and ACMPR ApplicantINVP
Lifted InnovationsSEDARCSECannabis accessories e-commerce company in U.S. and Canada
Lobo GeneticsSEDARTSX-VGenetics Testing for Cannabis Consumers
Magical BrandsSEDARTSX-VDIY Extraction
Merced HoldingsSEDARCSECalifornia Extraction
Merrco PaymentsSEDARTSX-VCanadian Payments Processor Focused on Cannabis
Molecular ScienceSEDARTSX-VCanadian Mobile Lab for Testing and Research
OG DNA GeneticsSEDARCSESeeds and Genetics
Province BrandsSEDARTSX-VCanadian Developer of Cannabis Beverages
Pure Extracts TecchnologiesSEDARCSECanadian LPPULL11/5
RYAHSEDARCSEU.S.-Based Data Aggregation and Technology
Santa Marta Life SciencesSEDARTSX-VLicensed Colombian Cannabis Producer
Southern SunSEDARTSX-VCanadian Company Focused on Africa
Starling BrandsSEDARCSECalifornia Cannabis Operator
Subversive Real Estate Acquisition REITSEDARNEOAmerican Cannabis REITSVX.U
The Hacienda CompanySEDARCSECalifornia Cannabis Brand Owner
Theracann International BenchmarkSEDARTSX-VPanama-Based Provider of Technology, Operations and Analytuics
VarianzSEDARTSX-VColombian Applicant
Xebra BrandsSEDARTSX-VLatin American IP and Cultivation

Cannabis Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs)

Updated on 08/31/20 (this date updates only when there is a new qualified addition)
CompanyFiling IPO SizeMarket/SymbolPendingDeadline
Ceres Acquisition CorpSEDAR$120 millionNEO: CERE.U12/03/22
Collective Growth CorpSEC$150 millionNASDAQ: CGRO10/31/20
Greenrose Acquisition CorpSEC$150 million NASDAQ: GNRS08/13/21
Merida Merger Corp ISEC$120 millionNASDAQ: MCMJ
Schultze Special Purpose Acquisition CorpSEC$130 millionNASDAQ: SAMAClever Leaves09/30/20
Silver Spike Acquisition CorpSEC$250 millionNASDAQ: SSPK02/12/21
Stable Road Acquisition CorpSEC$172.5 millionNASDAQ: SRAC05/13/21
Tuscan Holdings CorpSEC$276 millionNASDAQ: THCB09/07/20
Tuscan Holdings Corp IISEC$172.5 millionNASDAQ: THCA01/16/21
Mercer Park Brands Acquisition CorpSEDAR$402.5 millionNEO: BRND.A.U02/21/21