Public Cannabis Company Revenue Tracker

The Public Cannabis Company Revenue Tracker, managed by New Cannabis Ventures, ranks the top revenue producing cannabis stocks that segment cannabis-only sales and generate more than $2.5m per quarter. This data-driven, fact-based tracker will continually update based on new filings. Companies must file with the SEC or SEDAR to be considered for inclusion.

U.S. Dollar Reporting
Updated on 02/04/19
Company NameU.S. SymbolNon-U.S. SymbolQtr EndedQtrly Sales (USD)Q/Q GrowthY/Y GrowthNext Financials
TrulieveOTC: TCNNF CSE: TRUL09/30/18$28.322%739%~04/30/19
KushCo HoldingsOTCQB: KSHB11/30/18$25.327%186%~04/15/19
MedMen EnterprisesOTCQX: MMNFF CSE: MMEN 09/30/18$21.54%1088%~03/01/19
CuraleafOTCBB: CURLF CSE: CURA09/30/18$21.4
Charlotte's Web HoldingsOTCQX: CWBHF CSE: CWEB09/30/18$17.73%57%~04/30/19
Green Thumb IndustriesOTCQX: GTBIFCSE: GTII 09/30/18$17.226%344%~04/30/19
CV SciencesOTCQB: CVSI09/30/18$13.610%143%~04/01/19
Cresco LabsOTC: CRLBF CSE: CL 09/30/18$12.750%334%~04/30/19
Harvest Health & RecreationOTC: HTHHFCSE: HARV 09/30/18$11.26%62%~04/30/19
TilrayNASDAQ: TLRY09/30/18$10.03%86%~03/18/19
GrowGenerationOTCQB: GRWG09/30/18$8.418%109%~04/01/19
MJardin GroupOTC: MJARF CSE: MJAR09/30/18$7.057%65%~04/30/19
DionyMed BrandsOTC: HMDEFCSE: DYME11/30/18$7.0n/an/a~05/31/19
Terra TechOTCQX: TRTC09/30/18$5.8-19%-33%~03/18/19
Acreage HoldingsOTC: ACRGF CSE: ACRG09/30/18$5.587%160%~04/30/19
Golden Leaf HoldingsOTC: GLDFF CSE: GLH09/30/18$5.139%63%~04/30/19
Planet 13 HoldingsOTC: PLNHF CSE: PLTH09/30/18$4.911%62%~04/30/19
Medicine Man TechnologiesOTCQX: MDCL09/30/18$4.6228%401%~04/01/19
Innovative Industrial PropertiesNYSE: IIPR09/30/18$3.918%152%~03/18/19
Halo LabsOTC: AGEEF NEO: HALO09/30/18$3.672%10%~04/30/19
MarimedOTCQB: MRMD CSE: MRMD09/30/18$3.415%98% ~04/01/19
SurnaOTC: SRNA09/30/18$3.366%112% ~04/01/19
Helix TCSOTC: HLIX09/30/18$3.141%176% ~04/01/19
Cannex CapitalOTC: CNXXF CSE: CNNX10/31/18$3.1N/A-10% ~04/01/19
Plus ProductsOTC: PLPRF CSE: PLUS09/30/18$2.662%618% ~04/01/19
Canadian Dollar Reporting
Updated on 02/14/19
Company NameU.S. SymbolNon-U.S. SymbolQtr EndedQtrly Sales (CAD)Q/Q GrowthY/Y GrowthNext Financials
Canopy GrowthNYSE: CGCTSX: WEED09/30/18$83.0256%283%~05/15/19
Aurora CannabisNYSE: ACBTSX: ACB12/31/18$47.693%387%~05/15/19
AphriaNYSE: APHATSX: APHA11/30/18$21.763%155%~04/15/19
MPX BioceuticalOTCQX: MPXEFCSE: MPX09/30/18$14.71%233% ~03/01/19
CannTrustOTC: CNTTFTSX: TRST09/30/18$12.639%105%~04/01/19
OrganigramOTC: OGRMFFTSXV: OGI11/30/18$12.4287%504%~04/29/19
Isodiol InternationalOTC: ISOLFCSE: ISOL09/30/18$8.0-13%59%~03/01/19
Supreme CannabisOTCQX: SPRWFTSX: FIRE12/31/18$7.750%359%~05/15/19
HEXO CorpOTC: HYYDFTSX: HEXO10/31/18$6.7374%506%~03/19/19
Origin HouseOTCQX: ORHOFCSE: OH09/30/18$6.689%790%~04/30/19
Nutritional HighOTC: SPLIFCSE: EAT10/31/18$5.882%1742%~04/01/18
1933 IndustriesOTCQB: TGIFFCSE: TGIF10/31/18$4.618%87%~04/01/18
SunnivaOTC: SNNVFCSE: SNN09/30/18$3.7-16%-18%~04/30/19
Namaste TechnologiesOTC: NXTTFTSXV: N08/31/18$3.9-3%1%~03/31/18
Cronos GroupNASDAQ: CRONTSX: CRON09/30/18$3.811%186%~04/01/19
National Access CannabisOTC: NACNFTSXV: META11/30/18$3.8636%766%~04/29/19
Newstrike BrandsOTC: NWKRFTSXV: HIP09/30/18$3.4n/an/a~04/30/19

Note: Sales are cannabis-only if the company breaks out revenue by segment. For more information or questions, please email us. The Public Cannabis Company Revenue Tracker by New Cannabis Ventures is not a recommendation of any company and you should not use it as investment advice. A tilde next to a date means approximate date. All computations are derived from SEC or SEDAR filings.

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