Public Cannabis Company Revenue & Income Tracker

The Public Cannabis Company Revenue Tracker, managed by New Cannabis Ventures, ranks the top revenue and incoming producing cannabis stocks. This data-driven, fact-based tracker will continually update based on new filings. Ranking rules:

  • For the senior listing, segmented cannabis-only sales must generate more than US$25 million per quarter (C$31 million). Please note that we have raised the minimum quarterly revenue several times as the industry has scaled up, including from US$15 million in September 2021, US$12.5 million in August 2021, US$10.0 million in November 2020, US$7.5 million in June 2020, US$5.0 million in October 2019 and US$2.5 million in May 2019
  • For the junior listing, segmented cannabis-only sales must exceed US$12.5 million per quarter (C$15.5 million).
  • Companies must file with the SEC or SEDAR and be current to be considered for inclusion
  • Only reported revenue (not pro forma) is measured
  • Adjusted operating income is defined as the reported operating income less any accounting adjustments for the change in fair value of biological assets that many companies are required to report under IFRS Accounting

Senior – U.S. Dollar Reporting

Updated for filings through 02/01/23
Company NameU.S. Stock SymbolNon-U.S. SymbolQtr EndedQtrly Sales (USD)Q/Q GrowthY/Y GrowthAdj. Op. IncomeNext Financials
CuraleafOTC: CURLF CSE: CURA09/30/22$339.71%7%$23.2~03/31/23
TrulieveOTC: TCNNFCSE: TRUL09/30/22$300.8-6%34%-$28.8~03/31/23
Green Thumb IndustriesOTC: GTBIFCSE: GTII 09/30/22$261.23%12%$48.802/28/23
Verano HoldingsOTC: VRNOFCSE: VRNO09/30/22$227.62%10%-$37.1~03/31/23
Cresco LabsOTC: CRLBF CSE: CL 09/30/22$210.5-4%-2%$16.2~03/31/23
Jazz PharmaNASDAQ: JAZZ09/30/22$199.414%20% ~03/31/23
Columbia CareOTC: CCHWFCSE: CCHW09/30/22$132.72%0%-$18.7~03/31/23
Scotts Miracle-GroNYSE: SMG12/31/22$131.5-22%-31%not yet available~05/03/23
Ayr WellnessOTC: AYRWFCSE: AYR.A09/30/22$119.69%24%-$20.7~03/31/23
Ascend WellnessOTC: AAWHCSE: AAWH09/30/22$111.214%18%-$2.4~03/31/23
HydrofarmNASDAQ: HYFM09/30/22$74.2-24%-40%-$20.3~03/31/23
Jushi HoldingsOTC: JUSHFCSE: JUSH09/30/22$72.8+0%35%-$50.4~03/31/23
GrowGenerationNASDAQ: GRWG09/30/22$70.90%-39%-$8.1~03/31/23
Innovative Industrial PropertiesNYSE: IIPR09/30/22$70.91%32%$41.4~03/31/23
TerrAscendOTC: TRSSFCSE: TER09/30/22$67.03%34%-$339.3~03/31/23
Acreage HoldingsOTC: ACRHFCSE: ACRG.A09/30/22$61.40%28%-$16.4~03/31/23
Turning Point BrandsNYSE: TPB09/30/22$52.113%23%$18.7~03/16/23
WM TechnologyNASDAQ: MAPS09/30/22$50.5-13%-1%-$19.6~03/31/23
TilrayNASDAQ: TLRYTSX: TLRY11/30/22$49.9-15%-15%~04/14/23
SchwazzeOTC: SHWZNEO: SHWZ09/30/22$43.2-2%36%$11.1~03/31/23
TILT HoldingsOTC: TLLTFNEO: TILT09/30/22$40.5-14%-24%-$6.1~03/31/23
IanthusOTC: ITHUFCSE: IAN09/30/22$39.4-9%-20%-$13.7~03/31/23
Village FarmsNASDAQ: VFF09/30/22$35.50%14%-$0.0~03/31/23
MarimedOTC: MRMDCSE: MRMD09/30/22$33.93%2%$5.703/01/23
4Front VenturesOTC: FFNTFCSE: FFNT09/30/22$32.514%25%$0.5~03/31/23
StateHouse HoldingsOTC: STHZFCSE: STHZ09/30/22$30.8-11%77%-$10.0~04/30/23
MedMen EnterprisesOTC: MMNFF CSE: MMEN 09/24/22$30.0 -10%-18%-$5.6~02/14/22
Greenlane HoldingsNASDAQ: GNLN09/30/22$28.7-28%-31%-$79.5~03/31/23
Glass House BrandsOTC: GLASFNEO: GLAS.A.U09/30/22$28.372%65%-$9.9~03/31/23
iPowerNASDAQ: IPW09/30/22$26.018%50%-$4.6~03/31/23
Planet 13 HoldingsOTC: PLNHF CSE: PLTH09/30/22$25.6-10%-22%-$4.4~03/31/23

Junior – U.S. Dollar Reporting

Updated for filings through 11/29/22
Company NameU.S. Stock SymbolNon-U.S. SymbolQtr EndedQtrly Sales (USD)Q/Q GrowthY/Y GrowthAdj. Op. IncomeNext Financials
CansortiumOTC: CNTMFCSE: TIUM09/30/22$22.1-1%42%$8.2~05/01/23
Cronos GroupNASDAQ: CRONTSX: CRON09/30/22$20.9-10%3%-$31.0~03/31/23
The Parent Company09/30/22$19.6-28%4%-$158.0~03/31/23
Goodness Growth HoldingsOTC: GDNSFCSE: GDNS09/30/22$19.0-10%41%-$189.2~03/31/23
AFC GammaNASDAQ: AFCG09/30/22$18.1-9%71%$11.6~03/31/23
Charlotte's Web HoldingsOTC: CWBHFTSX: CWEB09/30/22$17.0-10%-28%-$3.9~03/31/23
Chicago AtlanticNASDAQ: REFI09/30/22$12.913%214%$9.8~03/31/23

Senior – Canadian Dollar Reporting

Updated for filings through 01/30/23
Company NameU.S. Stock SymbolNon-U.S. SymbolQtr EndedQtrly Sales (CAD)Q/Q GrowthY/Y GrowthAdj. Op. IncomeNext Financials
High TideNASDAQ: HITITSXV: HITI10/31/22$108.214%101%-$53.903/17/23
Canopy GrowthNASDAQ: CGCTSX: WEED09/30/22$88.0-5%-29%02/09/23
SNDL Inc.NASDAQ: SNDL06/30/22$78.04%133%-$93.7~03/31/23
Nova CannabisTSX: NOVCOTC: NVACF09/30/22$58.95%52%$2.3~03/31/23
Aurora CannabisNASDAQ: ACBTSX: ACB09/30/22$49.3-2%-18%-$50.702/09/23
Fire & FlowerOTC: FFLWFTSX: FAF10/28/22$43.88%-3%-$27.4~04/28/23
OrganigramNASDAQ: OGITSX:OGI11/30/22$43.3-5%43%-$8.1~04/14/23
HEXO CorpNASDAQ: HEXOTSX: HEXO10/31/22$35.8-16%-29%-$23.003/17/22

Junior – Canadian Dollar Reporting

Updated for filings through 11/30/22
Company NameU.S. Stock SymbolNon-U.S. SymbolQtr EndedQtrly Sales (CAD)Q/Q GrowthY/Y GrowthAdj. Op. IncomeNext Financials
Red White & BloomOTC: RWBYFCSE: RWB09/30/22$25.5-7%128%-$0.3~05/01/23
Auxly CannabisOTC: CBWTFTSX: XLY09/30/22$19.8-27%-19%-$18.2~03/31/23
Auxly CannabisOTC: HUMBFCSE: HMBL09/30/22$18.422%2%-$6.7~05/01/23

The Public Cannabis Company Revenue Tracker by New Cannabis Ventures is not a recommendation of any company and you should not use it as investment advice. A tilde next to a date means approximate date. All computations are derived from SEC or SEDAR filings. For any questions or licensing inquiries, please contact us.

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