Moving Cannabis into the Medicine Cabinet

1906 is revolutionizing self-care one edible at a time. 1906 has created a new category of cannabis to amplify health and happiness, which quickly put us on top as the fastest-growing brand in Colorado. The company has innovated across R&D, manufacturing and marketing with breakthrough products that combine moderately-dosed THC with medicinal plants and adaptogens. User-friendly, portable and thoughtfully engineered, they deliver curated effects within 20 minutes—faster than any other edible on the market. The rapid-onset formulations help users get the most out of their days and nights while staying pleasantly in control. At 1906, they call call it a toolkit for modern living. The industry calls it a giant leap forward.

Functional Cannabis for Modern Life

Cannabis is an amazing tool for daily self-care, but until now it’s been difficult to calibrate the precise effects consumers crave. Our swallowable Drops and artisanal chocolate Gems combine moderately dosed cannabis with medicinal plants to help users boost every area of their lives and always feel in control.


An aphrodisiac made with arousing cannabis strains and five plant medicines to boost sensuality. Cosmopolitan Magazine calls it “howling-at-the-moon type magic”. 


An all-natural performance enhancer made from cannabis sativa and four natural stimulants, including caffeine and galangal, for clean and sustained energy,


The ultimate mellow-out cocktail, Chill combines a high dose of CBD, moderately-dosed THC and two relaxing plant medicines: L-theanine to soothe the overactive mind and Magnolia to alleviate anxiety.


A happy-time mix of cannabis sativa and three mood-lifting plant medicines to produce euphoria and a chatty, optimistic feeling. 


An all-natural sleep aid that is non-habit-forming, without the drowsy hangover effects of prescription sleep aids, Midnight blends cannabis indica with Corydalis, a traditional Chinese herb that improves ability to fall asleep and relieves body pain and tension.


The first cannabis edible developed specifically to boost brainpower, Genius combines a sativa strain that aids mental sharpness with six plant medicines to improve cognitive focus and alertness.

Recognized by Mainstream Media as
“One of the Most Innovative New Brands in the Cannabis Sector.”

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Introducing Drops: Pharma-Grade Plant Power

Meet the first-ever lineup of superfast swallowable pills that are zero-calorie, discreet and made to fit perfectly in your pocket. Drops come in six different fast-acting formulas to help you do all the life stuff better, whether you need energy, arousal, relaxation, sleep, focus or a happy mood.

In Plants We Trust

Medicinal plants have been a crucial part of wellness for thousands of years. No other company combines super-effective plant medicines and adaptogens with THC and CBD in a user-friendly, accessible form. This unique calibration is how 1906 ensures each experience is distinct and perfectly consistent.

Impatience is a Virtue

1906 products leverage the only scientifically proven fast-acting technology for cannabinoids to deliver rapid onset and increased bio-absorption. Extensive validation includes:

– Intestinal permeability study
– Double-blind human observation study
– Pharmacokinetic (PK) study
– Animal study

1906 Timeline

Consumers are increasingly looking for alternatives to alcohol and pharma to manage daily life. It’s not about getting high, it’s about feeling better. To bring the beneficial powers of cannabis to this large and growing segment, including women and seniors, 1906 is transforming the way cannabis is manufactured, marketed and consumed. It’s working and the company has been growing 80 percent YoY in the most saturated, competitive state in the country. Now, 1906 is deploying an asset-light expansion Eastward. 1906 products can also be found in Oklahoma and Illinois, which are fast-growing markets, quickly followed by Massachusetts and Maryland.

Experienced Management Team

Peter Barsoom
CEO & Co-Founder

Prior to founding 1906 in 2017, Barsoom had an extensive career in finance and business strategy, holding a variety of senior management positions at American Express, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, BlueMountain Capital and Intercontinental Exchange. He brings unparalleled financial acumen and experience in complex and highly regulated industries. In 2018, Barsoom was recognized by “Entrepreneur” magazine as one of the Top 100 Leaders in Cannabis. He serves on the board of numerous cannabis associations including the Marijuana Industry Group, the Cannabis Trade Federation, Colorado Leads, the New Jersey Cannabis Industry Association and the Florida Medical Marijuana Advisory Committee.

Heather Larimer
Chief Marketing Officer

A strategic thinker, creative director, marketing specialist and wordsmith, Larimer has spent more than fourteen years shaping brand identity, campaigns and strategy for some of the world’s most prominent companies, including Apple, Target, YouTube, CLIF Bar, Delta Airlines, ESPN, Uber and Nike. Prior to joining 1906, she worked on new product launches, brand initiatives, voice and strategy for Media Arts Lab (Apple’s ad agency). Larimer was also a creative director and the lead writer on the national launch of XQ: The Super School Project, the flagship project of Laurene Powell Jobs’ foundation, The Emerson Collective.

Jackie Cornell
Chief of Policy & Health Innovations

A leader in public health and social justice, Cornell is adept at building awareness of the wide-ranging benefits of cannabis and affecting regulatory and policy change to expand access. Before joining 1906, Cornell oversaw the Public Health Services branch of New Jersey’s Department of Health where she pushed forward policy and programs to serve vulnerable citizens, addressing black infant mortality, the HIV epidemic and New Jersey’s medical marijuana program. Her career has been anchored in the affordability and accessibility of quality health care, working to pass, enroll, and uphold the Affordable Care Act. President Barack Obama appointed her Regional Director of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, where she oversaw New Jersey, New York, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Erin Holzer

Holzer came to 1906 after nearly a dozen years honing his chocolate-making expertise. As Chief Chocolate Maker and Head Engineer at Theo Chocolate, he built the company’s bean-to-bar chocolate factory, which now produces four million pounds of product annually. Since 2015, he has been responsible for manufacturing and operations for 1906’s edible cannabis products. Accomplished in chocolate, confectionery, and medicinal marijuana manufacturing, Holzer is involved in product development, formulation and design, site selection, ground-up factory design, construction management, process design and engineering, and sourcing equipment.

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