1906 Artisinal Edibles for High Functioning Adults
Cannabis Brand

Introducing Functional Cannabis. 1906 makes thoughtfully engineered edibles that are redefining the category. We believe that cannabis is a crucial tool in people’s self-care routine, and we’ve created a toolkit of socially-dosed formulas that enhance the most important parts of high-functioning adults’ lives – sleep, sex, energy, cognitive focus, relaxation, and mood. 1906 has an ambitious expansion plan, with four new states coming online next year—Massachusetts, Illinois, Michigan and Ohio. The company has just closed $18 million in a capital raise to fund this expansion and the development of several new form factors.

Engineered to enhance six physiological and mental states

1906 increasingly appeals to an upscale, high-functioning or creatively focused professional. It’s a Lululemon, REI, Whole Foods crowd. This large and lucrative audience segment will soon substitute 1906 products for alcohol, pharmaceuticals, and energy drinks.


An aphrodisiac made from five exotic plants sourced from across the globe. A special blend of cannabis and herbs. Cosmopolitan calls it “howling-at-the-moon type magic”


High functioning cannabis mixed with coffee and energizing herb. Optimized to give your days more productivity and your nights more mojo. Fast acting, long lasting, ultra delicious.


A perfectly balanced blend of stress-reducing plant medicines and a relaxing cannabis formulation to promote a calm mind and chill body.


An all-natural euphoric high that will transform your mood and supercharge your day. Highly targeted herbs plus specialized cannabis to give you a bubbly sense of wellbeing and happiness.


Don’t sleep with big Pharma. Midnight is a highly effective blend of sleep promoting herbs and relaxing cannabis. A great night of sleep an naturel.


A special blend of plant medicines and cannabis to promote attentional focus, mental clarity, and cognitive performance.

Recognized by mainstream media as
“one of the most innovative new brands in the cannabis sector.”

1906 sources the highest quality and most natural ingredients, featuring artisanal chocolate in a groundbreaking formulation that eliminates any cannabis flavor, so all you taste is delicious chocolate.

Newly Released

1906 is thrilled to release a groundbreaking product that marks a quantum leap for cannabis medicine: 1906 Drops. Drops are the fastest acting edible on the market– swallowable pills that are vegan, zero calorie, allergen free, portable and ultra discreet. The suite of six experiences includes a brand new formula for cognitive enhancement, 1906 Genius. Founder Peter Barsoom says, “With Drops, cannabis medicine has finally arrived. For far too long, consumers and patients have had to rely on smoking cannabis in order to get fast onset time and specific effects. After years of R&D, we have finally brought a healthier, more effective product to the cannabis marketplace.”

1906 Timeline

1906 is currently building a manufacturing facility in Massachusetts and developing the Michigan facility. The company has secured a license partner to expand to Illinois and Ohio and is pursuing a vertically integrated license in New Jersey. 1906 has chosen these states, as well as Florida, for highly strategic reasons including population demographics, geographic reach, and regulatory climates.

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Experienced Management Team

Peter Barsoom
CEO & Co-Founder

Prior to founding 1906, Barsoom had an extensive career in finance and business strategy, holding a variety of senior management positions at leading institutions including American Express, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, BlueMountain Capital and Intercontinental Exchange. In September of 2018, Barsoom was recognized by “Entrepreneur” magazine as one of the Top 100 Leaders in Cannabis. He serves on the board of numerous leading cannabis industry associations including the Marijuana Industry Group, Colorado Leads, the Florida  Medical Marijuana Advisory Committee and the New Jersey Cannabis Industry Association.

Heather Larimer
Chief Marketing Officer

A strategic thinker, creative director, marketing specialist, and wordsmith, Larimer brings more than a dozen years of experience shaping and promoting brand identity for some of the most prominent brands in the world, including Target, Apple, YouTube, CLIF Bar, Delta Airlines, Uber, and Nike. She most recently worked for Media Arts Lab (Apple’s ad agency) focusing on brand initiatives, brand voice, and brand strategy. Larimer was a creative director and the lead writer on XQ, the flagship project of Laurene Powell Jobs’ foundation, The Emerson Collective.

Erin Holzer
Ops & Man-ufacturing

Holzer came to 1906 after spending nearly a dozen years perfecting his chocolate making expertise, including stints as Chief Chocolate Maker and Head Engineer at Theo Chocolate where he built Theo’s bean-to-bar chocolate factory, now capable of producing four million pounds of product annually. In chocolate, confectionery, and medicinal marijuana manufacturing, Holzer has been involved in all phases of development, including product development, formulation and design, site selection, ground up factory design, construction management, process design and engineering, and sourcing equipment.

Jackie Cornell
Chief of Policy & Health Innovations

As part of the 1906 team, she looks forward to spreading awareness and access by working closely on regulatory and policy issues concerning cannabis. She will also focus on corporate responsibility, and has an interest in aiding citizens previously incarcerated for minor drug possession offenses. In addition, Cornell plans to expand efforts to educate physicians and medical professionals around the wide-ranging benefits of cannabis. President Barack Obama appointed her regional director of the US Department of Health and Human Services, where she oversaw NY, NJ, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

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