American Cannabis
Operator Index

Launched 10/31/18, the American Cannabis Operator Index includes leading cultivators, processors, retailers of cannabis in the United States as well as companies that license their brands and intellectual property.

The American Cannabis Operator Index, which is dollar-denominated and based upon the prices of the U.S. listing for each member, is rebalanced monthly, with each member weighted equally at that time. The index includes companies that grow, process or sell cannabis products, including those derived from industrial hemp. Companies must file with the SEC or the securities regulator in the country of their primary listing.

For the 09/30/20 rebalancing, each stock was required to have an average daily trading value in excess of $100,000 in the U.S. as of 09/28/20. Stocks included must trade at a minimum of $0.25. Companies with primary listings in other countries must have a U.S. listing in order to be included. The company must generate at least $1 million in quarterly revenue from its U.S. cannabis operations, and cannabis revenues must comprise at least 50% of the company’s overall revenue, to be included in the index.

The American Cannabis Operator Index included 16 companies as of 09/30/20, with no changes from the prior month. Due to a corporate action, Acreage Holdings was removed on 9/23.