Bloom Well President Jeremy Kwit Describes Oregon's Legal Cannabis Market


In this interview,  Jeremy Kwit of Bloom Well Bend discusses how prohibition is ending in Oregon. He addresses what legalization looks like and the key regulations that are both helping and hurting patients and growers.

Key Takeaways:
3:42 – Background on Bloom Well Cannabis Apothecary
5:01 – Jeremy talks about a judgment free environment
7:14 – Jeremy talks about how he got into the cannabis industry
15:08 – Jeremy discusses the legalization process in Oregon
20:09 – Jeremy discusses the demand for seeds and clones in Oregon
21:51 – Jeremy talks about regulation in Oregon
25:09 – Jeremy talks about edibles and infused products
29:43 – Jeremy discusses introducing customers to the endocannabinoid system
32:38 – Jeremy talks about topical
34:30 – Consumption by “juicing”
36:28 – Initiating a conversation with your doctor about cannabis use
39:20 – Bloom Well’s contact details

The intention is to create a truly craft cannabis culture so that family farmers from around the state can benefit and small craft producers will thrive and so we’ve got this dynamic craft beer and wine industry in Oregon that is doing quite well and cannabis I expect it to follow in a similar pattern in Oregon and that’s because we’ve got a very well written measure.

Read the transcript or listen to the interview:

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