BudBot Debuts Robotic Cannabis Packaging Machine

Seattle Entrepreneur Invents the Ultimate Cannabis Packaging Solution

BudBot Launched to Revolutionize the Marijuana Packaging Industry

Seattle, WA, USA – August 7, 2017: BudBot announced the release of its robotic cannabis packaging machine that will increase productivity up to two hundred percent. Invented by Steve Chandler, a Seattle based entrepreneur, BudBot is a high-tech merger between robots and cannabis. The patent pending robotic packaging machine will automatically weigh, sort and pack cannabis buds and is prepared to take its rightful place as a packaging leader in the thriving cannabis industry across the United States.

The increasing demand for 1, 2 and 3.5-gram cannabis packages, along with the challenge that processors are experiencing packaging those small amounts, motivated me to create a solution that can revolutionize the booming cannabis industry. BudBot is great news for processors because this machine is all about minimal effort, greater profitability by decreasing labor, increasing accuracy and reducing giveaway.

Steve Chandler, the CEO of BudBot

Features of BudBot include state of the art light curtains for operator safety, performance reporting, and the biggest of them all, BudBot only requires one person to operate, which can reduce labor costs up to sixty percent.

The goal of BudBot is to replace the painstaking and time consuming manual packaging of cannabis and provide the most accurate automated machine available. BudBot’s SmartSort system distributes precisely weighed marijuana buds by simplifying the weighing, sorting and combining activity to achieve the most accurate package weights.

The number one feature of BudBot is productivity. In a simple comparison with manual labor, BudBot increases packaging productivity up to two hundred percent and provides consistent accuracy which makes it the ultimate packaging solution. Processors will also benefit from SmartSort by achieving maximum yield and number of packages closest to package weight, while staying above the important minimum package weight, a unique expectation of cannabis industry customers. Furthermore, it is a clear return on investment in a very short time. Utilizing the maximum packaging capacity of BudBot, processors could save up to $30,000/month on packaging costs due to reduced labor and giveaway.

Besides greater performance and efficiency, BudBot is easy to install and maintain. Moreover, the intuitive capabilities and ease of use creates a user friendly environment. To ensure customer satisfaction, Steve designed BudBot with minimal parts to maintain and provides a product warranty for one year. BudBot has gone through extensive research and development with rigorous testing to ensure the highest standards of performance.

For further information contact or to schedule a demo of BudBot, please visit http://www.BudBotRobot.com.

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