Cannabis Edibles Market Growth Will Be Fueled by Lower THC Dosages


California remains the Wild West in medical cannabis, with limited regulation (about to change). One area that really jumps out is the cannabis infused products, like edibles, where it’s not uncommon for products to contain 1000mg of THC (multiple doses) and single doses of perhaps 100mg. Common doses, especially for new consumers, are 5-10mg, and Colorado, for example, actually limits doses to 10mg in the recreational market and 100mg per package. Some conditions as well as a tolerance can lead to many medical patients requiring much higher doses, but delayed onset can lead many newbies to ingesting too much and achieving a “Maureen Dowd” moment.

A panel at the New West Summit this past weekend, “‘Edible Innovations,” which was moderated by Bryce Kennedy of CHOOSELOVE, pointed to how the market will evolve to lower doses. Business Insider reporter Melia Robinson described some of the comments made by Kiva Confections founder Kristi Knoblich and Défoncé Chocolatier CEO Eric Eslao. Knoblich’s company has introduced Kiva Terra Bites with just 5mg of THC each to appeal to the more casual consumer. Eslao’s initial products have 180mg per package broken into 10mg doses, which is far below what is typically sold in California.

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Read Melia Robinson’s “‘Microdosing’ is the future of marijuana”:

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