Cultivators of premium California cannabis

Canndescent is a state compliant cultivator of ultra-premium cannabis for the adult-use California market. The company  is headquartered in Santa Barbara, California with three cultivation sites in Desert Hot Springs. As the leaders in luxury and effects-based marketing for cannabis flower, the Canndescent brand earns a 20-30% price premium against its competitors. The company has raised the largest, documented seed round in U.S. cultivation history and its operators are the first municipally-permitted cultivation facility in Southern California. By mid-2019, Canndescent is aiming to generate up to $75 million in revenue.

Simplifying the cannabis category
the way Apple and Google simplified technology

Canndescent’s original facility is 11,000 sq. ft.,
located in Desert Hot Springs, California

Each of Canndescent’s two, 5,500 square foot buildings contains 6 miles of wire, 3 miles of Ethernet cable, and 80 tons of cooling power. The facilities have motion sensors, access controls, vibration sensors, two bank vault doors, and 64 security cameras that publish up to an encrypted IP address for real time monitoring by the local police department. There are over 300 grow lights across the two facilities and all plants are cultivated with organic pest management. On average, each of flower room blooms every 60 days. Taking into account the rotational schedule in the two buildings, Canndescent harvests 65 pounds every 10 days or approximately 2,500 pounds per year in its current facilities.

Each building contains three rooms for flowering , one room for vegetative plants, one room for mother’s and clones, and one room for drying and curing. Eight 300- gallon water tanks and and two automated fertigation systems feed the plants with exactly the right nutrients at exactly the right time based on data from a real-time moisture-analysis system placed in the grow medium of each plant. Prior to watering, a reverse osmosis system removes harmful minerals from the water, and an ultraviolet radiation treatment system kills all malignant bio-organisms that could harm the plants.

A recent $10m Series B will finance a 10x production increase
and launch new innovative products

As a company of innovation and historic firsts, Canndescent will increase its cultivation space 10x by the end of 2018, adding a 32,000 sf greenhouse and an 86,000 sf indoor facility for a total of 129,000 sf. The new indoor cultivation and manufacturing facility broke ground in August 2017. The 86,000 sf project is designed as the most advanced cannabis facility in the United States, including a full R&D lab, a tissue culture lab, extraction facilities, solar power, co- generation facilities, 21 flowering rooms, a gym for employees, a mahogany-paneled tasting room, and a dispensary for those wanting to make purchases after touring the facility. facility exceeds $25M. The company will complete Phase 1 of the project in Q218 and Phase 2 in Q418.

The Science of Flower

Using liquid and gas chromatograph equipment, Canndescent measures the terpene and cannabinoid profile of each of its strains. Coupling this terpene and cannabinoid analysis, consumer feedback, and a detailed understanding of how different terpenes and cannabinoids impact the mind and body, we accurately categorize each strain into one of our effects–Calm, Cruise, Create, Connect, and Charge–and develop the detailed notes we use to describe how a strain makes a consumer feel.

Climate-controlled micro grows that hardness science and technology provide the continuous product quality, supply, and variety necessary for Canndescent to curate the consistent and repeatable cannabis journey each consumer desires.

Executive Team

Adrian Sedlin
Chief Executive Officer

Rick Fisher
Chief Operating Officer 


Tom DiGiovanni
Chief Financial Officer

Elisabeth Baron
VP, Marketing


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