Leading supplier of trusted materials used in producing and improving cannabis oil extracts

Carbon Chemistry widely distributes materials used in cannabinoid production, purification, and distillation. Producing excellent cannabis products is difficult, we give manufacturers advanced capabilities to make their job easier. This is done by providing a variety of proven, hand-selected products for the industry.

Company Overview

Carbon Chemistry, based in Aurora Colorado, was founded in 2017 and has since been working tirelessly to bring functional products to the hands of cannabis oil manufactures across North America and emerging markets abroad.

By navigating the complex landscape of the cannabis industry, Carbon Chemistry has supported the production of billions of dollars’ worth of cannabis extract products. It takes a sterling reputation and actually delivering quality and value in order to have manufacturers choose our products everyday for years. Unlike equipment, if manufacturing consumables don’t deliver, there is no reason to purchase them again.

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The cannabis industry is a growing space where new brands, techniques, and trends are invented every day. As product development evolves and consumer interests shift, one concept has been ever present: consistency and quality define success. In almost a decade of experience we have maintained high standards as a reliable source for adsorbents and filtration supplies.

We solve that problem by selecting the most trusted materials for production, purification, and distillation, then share them with you. There is no one solution, so we give operators the ability to adapt to their production streams, and produce the right products for their markets and consumers.

Alchemy for Cannabis Production

Carbon Chemistry aims to be the leading supplier of specialty chemicals and expertise for global cannabis oil production. The biological nature of cannabis makes for an extremely variable and dynamic manufacturing challenge. Coupled with an ever changing industry landscape and consumer preferences, companies that choose Carbon Chemistry are getting the knowledge and function of our proven products.

Like a Brita filter, for Cannabis

Our product suite enables producers to monetize unusable inventory, increase the value of their product stream, or adapt to their consumer demands and production needs.

Edibles, drinkables, tinctures, wax, crumble, live resin, diamonds and sauce, vape cartridges, and many other form in which cannabis is consumed all have one thing in common; they are the essential oils extracted from the cannabis plant biomass and transformed into a product which the widest segment of consumers prefer to consume. It all starts with the oils and fine chemicals produced by the plant, and that is our expertise.

We’re Growing!

The industry is growing fast and a key driver is the popularity of oils, which fuels our business. Oil purity is a direct result of the materials and processes used during production. Respected brands trust Carbon Chemistry’s array of adsorbents and filtration supplies when quality is of the essence. Companies who choose Carbon Chemistry, aren’t just more successful, they are proud of what they make for their customers!

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…and hundreds of independent producers across
North America and emerging markets around the world.

We believe in improving lives by providing for others.

Management Team

Sheldon Lotspeich
CEO, Founder

Innovative and driven Business Development Executive with proven success planning, launching, and scaling $MM businesses in the cannabis industry. Exceptional strengths in business decision analysis with an intuitive understanding of consumer habits and decision-making processes. A values-based entrepreneur with a passion for distributing high-quality products that deliver a meaningful impact to customers. Organized and detail-oriented with deep knowledge in international logistics and operations management.

Bre Lotspeich
Chief of Staff

Chief of Staff and Operations Executive with proven business acumen and exceptional problem-solving skills. Strategic partner to C-suite teams and adept at cross-functional collaboration to guide business direction and support growth. Skilled project manager with impeccable organization, time management, and multi-tasking skills. Encouraging, positive team leader with excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Consistently focused and motivated with the ability to make clear-headed decisions in fast-paced environments.

Dillon (Brian) Boscia  
Chief Science Officer
Dillon has consulted in extraction and purification chemistry for hundreds of businesses, farms and other groups, administered and participated in online forums and studied botanical medicine for over 30 years. He has freely collaborated with Carbon Chemistry in adsorbent media research and selection since our founding. Now, after joining us in 2021 as our Chief Science Officer (CSO), he continues this work; guiding customers, solving problems, and continually seeking novel techniques and materials to advance applications in the field.

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