Dope Media
The Cannabis Lifestyle Brand

Dope Media is a fast-growing digital and print publisher of lifestyle cannabis news, entertainment and events. With $4.3M in top-line revenue and over 750,000 printed magazines circulated over 27+ states in just 2017, the company is well positioned for growth. With the recent hire of former President and Publisher of the MJBizDaily and MJBizCon, CEO George Jage, Dope Media is now on a path to expand its four lines of business substantially, improve its profitability further and to deploy capital more prudently. The company is positioned to extend upon its original and growing demographic by focusing on emerging groups of consumers in international markets.

Expanding Nationally with Substantial Revenues

As Dope Media works its way to increasing brand reach to over 1M, the company is on its way in boosting revenue to eight figures while it simultaneously moves to net profitability. The evolving legal cannabis markets present tangible growth opportunities to scale and to achieve significant valuation growth.

Awards & Recognitions

Doubling Down on Success

Dope Media provides cannabis consumers with a trusted brand name in the industry; consumers turn to Dope to educate themselves about the cannabis buying process, discover new products and expand their networks. With limited competition, Dope is one of only two integrated consumer media platforms serving the U.S. cannabis industry. The company has experienced a lot of success by focusing on the West Coast, which leaves big opportunities to enter new markets in Midwest, Mid-Atlantic and New England markets. With changing legislation in key states underway, Dope is in position to be a first-to-market with its well branded annual events in up-in-coming states.


Dope Magazine educated, informs and connects the growing cannabis population


An extension of Dope Magazine, Dope Digital includes web, social and email campaigns


Dope produces high-end events that build and connect the cannabis industry


Dope leverages its popular brand name to create innovative accessories and apparel

Experienced & Proven Leadership at the Helm

George Jage
Chief Executive Officer
George joined the team in August 2017 bringing decades of executive media leadership to the company. George’s past experience includes developing Marijuana Business Daily and MJBizCon from early stage assets to the top business media assets in cannabis; founding, growing and exiting World Tea Media, the largest business media company servicing the global tea industry; and launching, growing and exiting Off-Price Apparel Show, at the time the second largest apparel trade show in the U.S.

Dave Tran
Chief Branding Officer / Co-Founder

Current Chief Branding Officer and former CEO of Dope Magazine, David has been at the forefront of raising capital and establishing company culture. Before being the driving force behind the Dope brand, David has 13 years’ experience as an owner and operator of Seattle’s leading entertainment establishments such as Amber Lounge, Cowgirls Inc., and Venom Nightclub. In a true entrepreneurial spirit, David opened and operated one of Seattle’s first medical marijuana dispensaries, Conscious Care Cooperative, from 2009 until Washington State became a legal recreational state.

Evan Carter
Publisher / Co-Founder

Evan has published at least one magazine every month for the past 11 years. Starting in the hospitality industry as a Founder and Front of the House Director of Foundation Nightclub Seattle—rated #56 Nightclub in the world by DJ Magazine. Also, being a Co-Founder and Editorial Director of DList Magazine for 6 years, Evan used his talents to manage large teams and direct content with celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Bruno Mars that has directly contributed to his role as Publisher.

James Zachodni
Chief Creative Officer / Co-Founder
James as Chief Creative Officer has been spearheading the art direction of the brand. With 6 years as Co-Founder and Editor-In-Chief of DList Magazine, as well as founder and designer of Foundation Nightclub Seattle—rated #56 Nightclub in the world by DJ Magazine—James is an artist who has established himself as one of the top creative minds in the industry.

Todd Tibbetts
Digital Director

Todd began his career in 1990 for 3M corp, producing digital projects for Nike, Microsoft, Boeing and Adobe. For 15 years as an entrepreneur he built and sold two companies, an online portal for outdoor enthusiasts called and a full-service web dev agency. He went on to work for Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, working with mobile devices and sensor tech. Todd then spent time leading product design and UX at Sinclair Broadcast.

Stephanie Danese

With 25 years of experience in tech and multimedia industries, Stephanie brings acute knowledge and a specialized set of expertise to the cannabis industry. Stephanie worked as the CFO for international multimedia conglomerate Publicis Groupe. She oversaw the direction of six agencies while also serving on a global platform integration initiative. Additionally, she has helped companies such as PopCap through the acquisition phase which went from a start-up to a global entity, selling for over $1 billion.

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