Finch & Sons
Purpose Built For The Newly Regulated Cannabis Industry

Finch & Sons seeks to introduce the California patient population to the benefits of conscientiously cultivated, pharmaceutical-grade boutique cannabis. We are a patient-driven cultivation and extraction group that believes the patients of California deserve a consistent brand of cannabis products to satisfy their therapeutic needs.

Finch & Sons aims to provide only the cleanest, safest, and beneficial cannabis and cannabis concentrate products cultivated and extracted in a production facility designed to healthcare standards. Our products embody all aspects of patient proactive and reactive medication therapy management, from diagnosis to treatment; ensuring and promoting complete holistic wellness. Driven by our passion for perfection, Finch & Sons’ focus is to produce and deliver a high-quality, reputable cannabis product in a cost-effective, accessible, secure, and efficient manner.

Shift Cannabis Co. Chooses Finch & Sons

Shift is the premier cannabis industry consulting & management firm, uniquely marrying over 15 years of cannabis licensing, development & operating experience. Shift has consulted or operated in 16 states, and has designed & managed 500,000 sq. ft. of production & lab facilities. Shift has chosen to work with Finch & Sons in a synergistic, committed partnership which levers off of the expertise of many experts in various fields. The executive team of Shift Cannabis Co. has professional alliances and dealings with over 100+ medical and recreational cannabis centers in Colorado and California.


“It became obvious that Finch & Sons was not just people we are in harmony with, but Finch & Sons has what it takes to be successful, to win.” – Shift

Advisory Council

Finch & Sons has surrounded itself with experts who can help guide and advise the company in this rapidly changing and immensely complex industry. Each of our advisors mentioned below believes explicitly in the mission and values of Finch & Sons, and have agreed to serve on the Finch & Sons advisory council.


Management Team

Finch & Sons is owned and operated by three partners along with Shift Cannabis Co. The team consists of proven business owners with backgrounds in finance,healthcare, law, project management, engineering, construction, and horticulture as well as significant experience in the field of cannabis cultivation, processing, sales and genetics. For more comprehensive information about Finch & Sons management team, please request more info below.

Christian Groff
Christian was born and raised in Colorado. After earning a degree in Finance from The University of Colorado and studying abroad on Semester at Sea, Christian went on to Graduate School where he earned an M.B.A. from the University of Colorado and a Master Degree of International Management from Thunderbird, the School of International Management. Upon completion of his graduate studies, he worked for the family business during a period of time and then followed his passion for the Capital Markets west joining PIMCO. There, he worked his way up from Compliance, to being the manager of his group on the Trade Floor operating as part of a small team managing up to $250bb of AUM across several different strategies, and then finally finishing off his tenure there as a Portfolio Manager.

This high pace, no fail type of work environment has given Christian 10 years of experience in the management of people, projects, business and of course portfolios. During this time, he sharpened his skills of becoming more decisive, creative, applying logic towards solving problems and coming up with solutions on the fly. His strong performance and commitment day in and day out gained him the respect of some of the top leaders in fixed income.

Fletcher Groff
Fletcher has a strong history and love for development and operations. He specializes in taking concepts from the vision to reality. With over fifteen years and $100 million in development experience – everything from industrial to commercial – he brings a strong skill set to the table. Fletcher has an extensive background in building facilities that encompass complex operational and regulatory design details. His career has culminated in a strong contractors network and a practical understanding of complex permitting processes. Additionally, he has architected and managed engineering departments for publicly traded companies. This foundation in development and operations has poised Fletcher to lead the team in swiftly and successfully completing and operating Finch & Sons’ facility.

As hard as Fletcher works out of the home, he does it all for the love of his family. He is the proud father of a of two little boys. He has spent the majority of his life in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, where he currently resides till the upcoming move to the Coachella Valley. The great outdoors is where you will find Fletcher if he is not working hard or spending time with his loving family.

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