Finch & Sons
A Patient Driven California Medical Cannabis Production & Extraction Company

Finch & Sons seeks to introduce the California patient population to the benefits of conscientiously cultivated, pharmaceutical-grade boutique cannabis. We are a patient-driven cultivation and extraction group that believes the patients of California deserve a consistent brand of medical cannabis products to satisfy their therapeutic needs.

Finch & Sons aims to provide only the cleanest, safest, and beneficial medical cannabis and medical cannabis concentrate products cultivated and extracted in a production facility designed to healthcare standards. Our products embody all aspects of patient proactive and reactive medication therapy management, from diagnosis to treatment; ensuring and promoting complete holistic wellness. Driven by our passion for perfection, Finch & Sons’ focus is to produce and deliver a high-quality, reputable medical cannabis product in a cost-effective, accessible, secure, and efficient manner.

Purpose Built For The Newly Regulated Cannabis Industry

Finch & Sons plans to occupy the top tier of high quality indoor cannabis brands for the California medical community. We want to position ourselves competitively as the high quality brand at the best value. Finch & Sons is not an impersonal, big box cannabis company. Rather, we strive to become the authoritative voice on medical cannabis product quality standards and proactive patient education in California.

41,000 Sq Ft Production Facility on 7 Acres of Land

With California being the largest medical cannabis market in the United States, we will begin capturing our share of the high end California market with our first phase driven out of a 41,000 square foot facility on 7 Acres of land in Desert Hot Springs, CA. We will focus on the requirements of meeting patient demands,and providing safe and clean end products with production stability. In respect to these goals, Finch & Sons has designed a facility that will house a proven production model as well as a state of the art extraction facility combining carbon dioxide, hydrocarbon, and steam-distillation technologies.

One key component is our land that we have chosen for development. Finch & Sons has placed a 7 acre parcel of land into escrow which provides all the critical bases and many extra benefits for our cultivation and extraction production. It has the utilities, including power, required to feed our demands along with space to expand into the future. The external footprint, the interior design, and the equipment/supply choices have all been defined as to maximize the effectiveness of the Finch & Sons team to meet the stated goals and requirements above.

Development Launch Timeline

The Finch & Sons team is no stranger to large scale commercial launches of new businesses. We expect to break ground in January 2017 and have conservatively estimated a completion date of August 2017, launching as early as September 2017.

Shift Cannabis Co. Chooses Finch & Sons

Shift is the premier cannabis industry consulting & management firm, uniquely marrying over 15 years of cannabis licensing, development & operating experience. Shift has consulted or operated in 16 states, and has designed & managed 500,000 sq. ft. of production & lab facilities. Shift has chosen to work with Finch & Sons in a synergistic, committed partnership which levers off of the expertise of many experts in various fields. The executive team of Shift Cannabis Co. has professional alliances and dealings with over 100+ medical and recreational cannabis centers in Colorado and California.


“It became obvious that Finch & Sons was not just people we are in harmony with, but Finch & Sons has what it takes to be successful, to win.” – Shift

Advisory Council

Finch & Sons has surrounded itself with experts who can help guide and advise the company in this rapidly changing and immensely complex industry. Each of our advisors mentioned below believes explicitly in the mission and values of Finch & Sons, and have agreed to serve on the Finch & Sons advisory council.


Management Team

Finch & Sons is owned and operated by three partners along with Shift Cannabis Co. The team consists of proven business owners with backgrounds in finance,healthcare, law, project management, engineering, construction, and horticulture as well as significant experience in the field of cannabis cultivation, processing, sales and genetics. For more comprehensive information about Finch & Sons management team, please request more info below.


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