Green Mill Supercritical
Enabling Cannabis Extraction Companies to Scale Up

Many cannabis companies are capitalizing on the trend towards non-flower cannabis products. With a tsunami of demand coming in a legal market, Green Mill is at the forefront, manufacturing supercritical CO2 extraction systems featuring custom innovations that put it ahead of the leading competitors in the market.

Green Mill is the first truly automated CO2 extraction system

Green Mill hails from the Steel City, but the company’s roots are in CO2. Drawing on a history of Pittsburgh, PA-based supercritical carbon dioxide technology stretching back to Carnegie Mellon University in the early 80s, the company’s systems incorporate scientific advancements over this early work, with designs customized for the needs of the rapidly evolving cannabis oil industry.

At Green Mill, we questioned every decision made in the past and kept only the options that made sense from an engineering standpoint. Then we made new decisions, innovating for an industry that is evolving rapidly in terms of scale and compliance.

Green Mill is Scaling up For a Tsumani of Demand

Why Extract?

With today’s cannabis products, there is smokable flower — and then everything else. In a legal recreational and medical market, new consumer products can be created such as beverages, foods, topicals, tinctures, oral sprays, vapes, wax/shatter, patches, pills/capsules, candies and more. Without extraction, you just have a bong and a joint.

Recent Clients and Customers

Here are a few of the latest vertically-integrated businesses that have chosen Green Mill Supercritical for their extract-based product manufacturing.

Watch How a Green Mill Extraction System Comes to Life

Experienced Leadership

Jeremy Diehl
Co-Founder, CTO
Jeremy spent 15 years managing teams and projects at industry giants Thar and Waters, where he contributed to their supercritical fluid chromatography initiatives. He holds an MS in engineering management and a BS in electrical engineering. He is the lead engineer at Green Mill and a founding partner.

Clark Selby
Co-Founder, CEO
Clark has led sales teams for software companies in the areas of remote sensing and image processing, speech recognition, and manufacturing automation. He holds a BS in business administration and finance. He is a Green Mill founding partner.

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