Providing data-driven insights for Growers, Processors, Retailers and Investors

Headset is a data & analytics service provider for the cannabis industry, helping growers, processors, distributors and retailers make data driven business decisions. Headset analytics is based on real-time transaction data from retailers, tracking hundreds of thousands of cannabis products across thousands of brands.

From the creators of Leafly comes a powerful cannabis data analytics platform — providing market, business and operational intelligence.

Cannabis operators use Headset to stay competitive in the market by uncovering insights about their operations, customers, and the industry. Headset’s simple visualization and analytics tools reduce uncertainty, and drive quick data driven decisions. Headset relies on consumer transaction information helping retailers optimize operations while leveraging aggregate data to provide product manufacturers, processors and distributors the tools they need to anticipate industry direction, identify opportunities, and collaborate with retail customers.


For Cannabis Retailers and Dispensaries – Visualize your sales and inventory data in seconds. Uncover customers’ buying patterns, understand your operations at a glance, discover opportunities and stay ahead of competition.


For Brands and Retailers – Become a preferred vendor. Have real-time visibility into your brand inventory at each store. Collaborate, forecast, and replenish like never before. Ensure optimal inventory levels and enhance forecasting.


For Cannabis Brands and external stakeholders – Find the next big thing before it’s a thing. Identify trends and new areas of opportunity, keep tabs on the competition, and tailor product development.

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Select Testimonials

“Headset is one of the best support companies in the entire cannabis industry. Headset Insights has given us great visibility into the market and different market sectors, allowing us to use this tool for all kinds of analysis throughout our entire organization. Being an edibles manufacturer, Headset Bridge has been wonderful for us as we are able to see our inventory on retail partner shelves in real time, allowing us to anticipate store needs and increase efficiencies throughout the ordering and order fulfillment process’. Anytime we’ve had questions or problems there has been an immediate response, and any discrepancies have always been resolved within 24hrs. Headset’s response time and receptiveness are unparalleled.”

Marco Hoffman, CEO/Founder, Evergreen Herbal

“In such a fast-paced industry we live and die by the numbers. Being able to identify what neighborhoods are affected by different products at different times of the month and year gives us a strategic advantage when it comes to providing for our guests. Headset gives us the data we need to predict seasonal changes.

Using data has helped us reduce out-of-stock events and increased our overall guest retention. Because growth is slowing down overall, repeat customers will be more important than ever in 2018.”

Brad Miller, CPO, Have A Heart

Experienced Management Team

Cy Scott
CEO & Co-founder
Cy has been involved in the professional cannabis industry for over five years. In 2010, Cy co-founded Leafly, and helped grow the company into one of the most well-respected brands in cannabis and had a successful exit with Privateer Holdings. Cy’s latest venture is Headset, a SaaS platform providing actionable insights and business intelligence services for the emerging cannabis industry. Cy has experience in building companies, product management and engineering and development.

Scott Vickers
CTO & Co-founder
Scott Vickers is co-founder and CTO of Headset. Prior to Headset, Scott co-founded and built Leafly.com and its mobile applications. When he isn’t glued to his laptop screen he is glued to his desktop screen. Scott has a computer science degree from California State University Fullerton and in his life before cannabis he held senior engineering positions at Kelley Blue Book and Experian. Scott’s favorite strain is OG Kush.

Brian Wansolich
CDO & Co-founder
Brian has been at the forefront of design and UX helping companies build their brand experiences for over 15 years. He joined the cannabis industry, co-founding and designing Leafly, the world’s largest cannabis information resource, where he was able to demonstrate that design is essential to propelling industries towards success. Today Brian is co-founder and CDO of Headset, Inc. the leading market data and business intelligence platform for the cannabis industry, where he continues to apply design thinking towards new business challenges. Brian’s favorite strain is Harlequin.

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