Health & Wellness Technology Platform for Cannabis Consumers

HelloMD is the largest online community of health and wellness-oriented cannabis consumers. This demographic is much larger than the recreational market, and will include tens of millions globally, over the coming years. As a full-service, digital health-care platform, HelloMD provides a complete solution at every point in the lifecycle of a cannabis consumer including educational content, product purchase both in California and nationwide (US), as well as medical consultations in the US and Canada.

“HelloMD is at the forefront of a new trend in Silicon Valley:
The Cannabis Tech Startup”  —  The New York Times.

HelloMD presents at LAUNCH Festival 2017.

A complete solution for cannabis consumers



Today, HelloMD is the leader in trustworthy cannabis information and product selection. The company provides California consumers, in select areas, with the ability to purchase cannabis marijuana products from its highly curated menus, that are delivered to their door. HelloMD has also launched its hemp-derived CBD shopping experience which now delivers the highest-quality CBD products nationwide throughout the US.

Medical Consultations


HelloMD’s proprietary technical platform guides patients on their journey with medical cannabis. Since its inception in 2014, HelloMD has uniquely combined online medical consultations, educational content and supportive advice to help patients make informed decisions about cannabis. Within the US, doctors utilizing HelloMD’s medical Telehealth platform have seen over 100k patients seeking medical marijuana recommendations. HelloMD also provides Telehealth services for medical cannabis patients in Canada for the leading License Producers (LPs), as well as securing demand side deals with healthcare companies and retailers.

Medical Q&A


Consumers browse HelloMD’s database of 15,000+ unique articles, questions & answers covering product selection and advice. This public content has the added advantage of attracting new visitors to the site through organic search, currently growing at 20% per month and making our customer acquisition low.

Integrated into 400+ Partner Websites

Hundreds of partners have integrated HelloMD technology into their own websites, which provides their customers direct access to our doctor community and many have integrated with our API offerings to automate the process of new customer on-boarding (regulatory compliance).

Key Performance Indicators

$1.9 million in revenue FY 2016

400+ retail marketplace partners

20% visitor growth month-over-month

99% of users say they trust HelloMD

StartUp Health Accelerator graduate

Mainstream media attention

HelloMD Crowdfunding Campaign on SeedInvest

hellomd-seedinvest-cannabis-crowdfundingHelloMD raised over $ 3 million under both Regulation D and Regulation CF through SI Securities, LLC (“SI Securities”). SI Securities is an affiliate of SeedInvest Technology, LLC, a registered broker-dealer, and member FINRA/SIPC. To learn more about HelloMD’s offering, visit the SeedInvest page where you can find key information in order to make an informed investment decision. SeedInvest provides information regarding an overview of the company, the product, team, questions and answers, company term sheet, financial discussion, market landscape, risks and disclosures, Form C and several other important documents.  New Cannabis Ventures is not offering securities and is not affiliated with crowdfunding equity platform SeedInvest.

HelloMD Investors Webinar

CEO Mark Hadfield discusses investment in HelloMD and their mission to create the ‘Amazon of Cannabis’ in a live webinar.

Experienced Management Team

Mark Hadfield
Co-founder & CEO

Mark has created 3 successful companies from inception, each of which achieved success with customers, investors and exits. Workshare & nScaled were enterprise software companies, while AddLive (founding team) was acquired by SnapChat in late 2014. Always thinking of new ideas, Mark believes we live in a world with unprecedented opportunities for innovation and creation. Mark believes his success lies in his tenacity, and that companies only fail when founders give up. Mark is a father of three young girls, and when he is not working he can be found walking his dogs, or kiteboarding the beautiful San Francisco bay.

pamela-hadfield-hellomdPamela Hadfield
Co-founder and UX

Pamela is a Co Founder of HelloMD and is now Chief Brand Evangelist for the company. She is a 3rd time entrepreneur and has found a home within the cannabis industry. After discovering cannabis as a solution for her own chronic medical condition she is now passionate about cannabis education, reducing overall stigma and promoting it as a tool for overall health & wellness. She’s been featured in Forbes and Rolling Stone as a leading figure within the industry.

michael-litchfield-hellomdMichael Litchfield
Chief Marketing Officer

Michael Litchfield joined HelloMD in June 2015 as Chief Marketing Officer. Prior to joining HelloMD, Michael was Vice President and Executive Creative Officer at Doremus – an Omnicom global branding and advertising agency [OMC]. Michael served in that role for ten years helping large technology accounts establish worldwide marketing and branding strategies (including: HP, Corning, Logitech, and Microsoft). For his creative efforts, Michael was named one of Internationalist Magazine’s Global Innovators of 2012. Michael holds a BSEE from the NZPO College of Engineering (Auckland, NZ).

larry-lisser-hellomdLarry Lisser
Sr. VP Business Development

Larry is HelloMD’s Senior Vice-President of Business Development. He has served in this capacity since June of 2015. A seasoned entrepreneur and specialist in building global partner networks for next-gen companies, Larry has assisted countless startups in achieving rapid growth, particularly inside of new industries. His experience in these successes have included corporate roles, serving as a strategic consultant and holding board positions. Larry started his career in Canada, spent almost 20 years in San Francisco and now lives with his family in Denver. Colorado.

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