How Successful Cannabis Companies Cross State Lines


Leafly welcomed a new contributor today, Tobias Coughlin-Bogue from The Stranger, the Seattle alternative weekly. His first piece examines some of the leading cannabis brands in the country and how they jump the high hurdles between states.  One of the most challenging aspects of the cannabis industry is that geographic expansion is extremely difficult due to federal illegality.  At the same time, these immense barriers allow those who figure it out to separate themselves from those who struggle to solve the many issues that these companies face.

Coughlin-Bogue discusses Dixie Brands, DB3 Holdings, Mary’s Medicinals and Mirth Provisions, and how they use brand licensing to expand.  Dixie Brands and Mary’s Medicinals have set up many of these agreements, while DB3 and Mirth Provisions have expanded beyond their home state of Washington into Colorado and Oregon, respectively.  Interestingly, DB3 is contemplating a venture in Vancouver, Canada.

It is super-challenging. It is super inefficient, and it is the single biggest focus-yet-challenge that we have at Dixie.

JoeHodas - Chief Marketing Officer at Dixie BrandsJoe Hodas, CMO at Dixie Brands

Read Tobias Coughlin-Bogue’s “‘Just Add Weed’: How Brand Licensing Allows Cannabis Companies to Expand Across State Lines”:

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