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INSPYRE is the country’s premier, professionally-focused school of cannabis, equipping its members with the tools necessary to achieve their bottom line. The school will offer 3 separate tracks to address a critical industry experience gap – Short Course Program, Custom Training, and Bootcamp Program. INSPYRE’s vision is career growth to anyone who chooses cannabis.

Headquartered in Denver, CO, INSPYRE has formed a coalition of experts across multiple disciplines and industries to lead curriculum and best practices development in cannabis (marijuana & hemp). Ultimately, INSPYRE’s purpose is to equip professionals with skills, experience and certification to advance a career in or related to cannabis. INSPYRE has already garnered widespread and passionate industry validation. For example, with strong bipartisan support, INSPYRE sponsored and passed Colorado legislation (SB17-187) supporting cannabis education and workforce development – an initiative that allows the school to attract new entrants from out of state as the industry professionalizes nationally and internationally.

Solving the Biggest Problem in the Cannabis Industry
Certified Training & Continuing Education

As marijuana and/or hemp legalize from country to country, the industry lacks generally-accepted best practices or go-to sources when seeking to commercialize at scale. Many entrepreneurs, owners/operators and investors, in such areas as cultivation and extraction, largely rely on “bro-science” or what is typically referred to as tribal knowledge. Many large-scale operators can readily achieve a 20% improvement in efficiency, providing potential to double a company’s cash flow. Whether it’s 60% employee turnover, pests/disease, inexperienced management, or regulatory/legal setbacks, there are numerous areas where a lack of skills, experience, or training can have a major impact – reduced yields, higher costs and even loss of license. With ~300,000 employees expected in the US alone by 2020, a professional educational infrastructure is an absolute must.

Short Course Program Address Immediate Need

Crafted in collaboration with industry leaders and subject matter experts, INSPYRE’s short course program addresses specific/current needs including latest advances through survey courses, continuing education and annual re-certification. From new entrants and current cannabis professionals to entrepreneurs, investors and ancillary service providers, we provide knowledge, skills and insights at that valuable cross-section where agriculture meets business. The curriculum includes short courses on industry fundamentals, business essentials as well as management & leadership.

INSPYRE launched February 2018 with “The Business of Extraction”, a 2-day survey course designed to help new entrants, entrepreneurs and investors build a successful business from the ground up while avoiding the many pitfalls that can compromise safety, compliance, efficiency and profitability.

Three Complementary Tracks

Short Course Program

Needs-based courses across a variety of topics. Survey courses for new entrants, continuing education to stay current or get ahead, and annual re-certification.

Custom Training

Training customized to the specific needs of the organization. Conducted on site at the team level when sending the team is impractical.

Bootcamp Program

Full-time certificate program with option for specialty. Bootcamps include real world, hands-on experience in commercial operations.

Best in Class Program Drives Opportunities

INSPYRE is focused on building and strengthening the learning community – SMEs as instructors, relationships with operators & vendors, partnerships with educational experts & institutions, and a large network of advisors from both within and outside the cannabis industry. This approach to curriculum development & training drives significant value in the INSPRYE brand as the center of IP, R&D and ultimately the go-to resource for training as well as turnarounds, expansions, workforce development in emerging markets, etc.

Seasoned Executive Team

William Metcalfe

Created 2 telecom businesses w/in Cox Enterprises, which later sold for +$3 billion. Senior team of silicon valley startup. $15M lead inv. by Kleiner Perkins. (Acquired). Founder of Lucent spinout. $5M inv. by EMC. (Acquired). AT&T, Lucent Technologies, GTE, Cox Enterprises. Bus Dev, Finance, M&A, Strategic Planning. Harvard MBA | UVA B.S. Electrical Engineering.

Wes Colgan, PhD
Chief of Education

Award-winning educator with +20 years of higher education experience. Instrumental in developing high impact, student-ready curricula for life science higher education. Trained hundreds of educators in sound classroom, online, and laboratory education techniques. PhD, Forest Ecology.

Eric DeWine
VP, Biz Dev

Co-Founder Patients Choice of Colorado with 4 dispensaries and 2 medical grows. Designed/Consulted for 9 commercial grows. Largest = 38,000ft2 at $3.5M. Consultant to cannabis grows, dispensaries, extraction, brokers, investors and startups in multiple states.

Mike Marquez
VP, Operations

Current Seminar Director for Indo/Expo: a cannabis cultivation conference in Portland & Denver. Opened & operated a 1st wave dispensary and grow in San Jose CA. Corporate sales manager for two large grow supply retailers in CA & CO. Cultivator at 100K ft2 indoor grow facility in Denver CO. Consultant to cannabis grows and dispensaries in multiple states.

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