Julianna Carella Describes her Handcrafted and Homemade Medical Cannabis Edibles

Brandon David and Julianna Carella

Brandon David interviews Julianna Carella of Auntie Dolores, the San Francisco based edibles company that also has Treatibles, a line for pets. The interview covers:

  • Origins of the name
  • Why she started the Treatibles business, which incorporates CBD and can be sold all over the world.  This business was inspired by customer requests. The CBD amount ranges from 1-2.5mg per dose, and anxiety is the most frequent indication.  Media attention has helped open the market.
  • Packaging is an area that has been challenging from legal compliance as well as technical issues.  Julianna walks through in detail the legal requirements
  • CO2-extracted oil is infused into coconut oil, and Julianna discusses some of the other ingredients they include or exclude (and why)
  • The regulatory changes ahead will increase professionalism
  • Edibles regulations are vague – too basic (no dosage or potency cap)
  • Delivery is an option as a coop that the company intends to pursue in 2016, but the company doesn’t want to compete with its dispensary customers (will be careful on pricing)
  • Glazed pecans are her favorite product
  • More CBD edibles ahead (available globally since the CBD is hemp-derived)
  • Legal fees and trademarking are a big expense
  • Raised $1.25mm, completed two months ago, but most was raised in 2014.  Company had hit wall due to cash flow management issues prevalent in the industry.  Some of the money was used for Treatibles.  Company will be raising more to invest further in Treatibles.
  • Raising money is a big distraction for Julianna
  • 4 suppliers of CBD, all pharmaceutical grade from Europe
  • CBD is 3-4X the price of THC, as hemp process is very inefficient
  • Company purposefully avoided media for first four years of operations due to concerns of being raided or robbed

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