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CSE Ticker: MARI
Sector: Healthcare
Industry: Legal Cannabis
Country: Canada
Employees:  >50
Established: 2013
CEO: Ben Ward

Maricann – Cannabis Facilities

Maricann Group Inc. – Langton Facility

Maricann is focused on low cost production of cannabis in large-scale greenhouse operations and expects a significant reduction in its cost of goods sold per gram. Maricann is currently constructing a 200K+ sq. ft. expansion of greenhouse and processing facilities in addition to its existing 42,000 sq. ft. footprint. This facility, once complete, will allow Maricann to achieve economies of scale and expects a significant reduction in its cost of goods sold per gram.

Effective March 29, 2017, Health Canada renewed the License to September 28, 2018 and is expected to extend the License at the end of its current term. The License currently allows the Company to, among other things, produce up to 930 kilograms (“kgs”), 352 kgs kgs, and 30 kgs of dried marijuana, cannabis oil and cannabis resin, respectively, per year and to sell and distribute within Canada up to 930 kgs, 352 kgs, 30 kgs and 10,001 kgs of dried marijuana, cannabis oil, cannabis resin and marijuana plants respectively, per year.

Maricann has developed a near term 203,500 sq. ft. expansion plan to support existing and future patient growth. Additional 2nd phase expansion will take advantage of initial expansion capital investment to lower each 203,500 sq. ft. of additional greenhouse for $3mm less per phase than the current first phase.

Approximately 833% physical expansion of existing domestic facility will drive $80 million in additional annual revenues. Yield and production will increase 500%. Phase 1 is planned to be complete by October 2017 with an additional 203,500 sq. ft. operated with low-cost energy supply from both natural gas cogeneration and the active natural gas well on-site. Phase 2 is planned to start in Q4 2017, bringing an additional 300,000 sq. ft. to the same facility to drive even more scale efficiencies.

Maricann Group Inc. – Dresden, Germany

With a potential for 820,000 square feet of clean room cultivation in a facility under option, Maricann is currently preparing to grow all-natural plants in 50,000 square feet in a large facility in Dresden, Germany. Patients’ cannabis prescriptions will paid for by German government’s health insurance and European Medicines Agency.

Germany has reciprocal trade agreements with Canada and German Parliamentarians voted unanimously January 19 in favor of the new “Cannabis as Medicine” law, which will come into effect March 2017. A new MMJ program in 2017 will allow Maricann to expand throughout the European Union.


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