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New Frontier Financials, the premiere data collection and industry-reporting firm in the cannabis industry provides data, analytics, and customized actionable intelligence to Investors, Operators, and Legislators in this new blooming sector.

We collect millions of data points gathered across the nation from the government, trading associations, strategic partners and operators to correlate them with other big data relevant to energy, real estate, demographics, crime rates and much more to empower our subscribers with timely and focused answers allowing them to grow their investments, find new opportunities, and make educated decisions.

New Frontier’s data collection, aggregation and reporting efforts are ultimately intended to improve industry standards, increase transparency, and create one centralized and reliable data repository for this still nascent market space.

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Download New Frontier’s Oregon Special Report

This leading edge report estimates that Oregon’s legal marijuana market will nearly double in the next five years, growing to $464 million in 2020. It identifies a number of indicators that will dictate how the market will mature.

Oregon: Market Growth and Strategic Opportunities