Nova Offers Cannabis Consumers Easy Decarboxylation


In this episode of CannaInsider, Matthew Kind talks with Shanel Lindsay, CEO of Ardent Cannabis. Shanel and her team have developed the Nova, which takes your existing cannabis sterilizes it and “activates” it so that more of the medicinal effects are available to your body immediately. The Nova will sell for $299 but is available to initially for $260.

Key takeaways:
1:43 – Shanel talks about how she got started in the cannabis industry
2:06 – Shanel discusses what aspect of the industry interested her
3:50 – What is decarboxylation
5:24 – Shanel talks about how NOVA does decarb
6:32 – What is the NOVA device
11:17 – Is the full terpene profile maintained through the decarb process
12:01 – Shanel talks about the NOVA device sterilizing the cannabis
13:00 – How customers are using The Nova
15:05 – Shanel discusses the cost of NOVA and availability
15:39 – Shanel talks about her ArcView experience
18:00 – Shanel talks about cannabis incarceration in MA

Read the transcript or listen to the interview “Unlocking The Full Medicinal Benefit of your Cannabis with Shanel Lindsay”:

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