Plus – Cannabis Infused Products
Cannabis edibles that act faster and taste better

Plus has introduced two fast acting cannabis infused edible products to the market already. With large distributors already in place and a demonstrated ability to launch products quickly, Plus has the personnel and the ability to scale and diversify their product lines to meet the increase in demand expected to accompany the 2018 transition to a recreational market.

Plus is Rapidly Scaling up for California 2018

Plus aims to be at the forefront of the California market by owning as much shelf space as possible before the state moves to a recreational market. With the rapid growth in sales of their infused gummies products, Plus is quickly becoming a market leader within the largest category of edibles.

Expects to be one of the First State Licensed Operators
The City of Adelantro has the lowest “cannabis sin tax” in the state.

The City of Adelanto is extremely cannabis friendly, enabling plus to operate without the pressure of an unaccommodating local government. The Plus facility has already acquired a conditional use permit, giving them a clear path to an occupancy permit well before year end. With a low cost of living in the City of Adelanto and its neighboring cities, Plus benefits by having happier employees.

Plus Products™ can be found all over California
from San Francisco to San Diego and most places in between.

Qualified Leadership Team

Jake Heimark
Chief Executive Officer

Plus Strategy, Marketing, and Distribution – Formerly Product Manager at Facebook and Gumroad.

Roy McFarland
Chief Compliance Officer

Plus Legal, Accounting and Operations – Formerly Managing Partner at Colorado Law Firm.

Justin Gwin
Chief Research Officer

Plus Product Formulation and Quality Assurance – Formerly Executive Chef at Nordstrom.

Plus In The News

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