Pot d’Huile Introduces Gourmet Cannabis-Infused Olive Oil

Pot d’Huile Ushers in a New Era for Edibles And Brings Cannabis Into the Farm-to-Table Movement

San Francisco-based Brand Elevates Edibles Market with the First Premium, Flavor Neutral Cannabis-infused Olive Oil Made for Chefs, Bakers and Home Cooks

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Pot d’Huile (“PdH”), a new locally-made cannabis-infused extra virgin olive oil marketed toward chefs, bakers and avid home cooks officially launches in the San Francisco Bay Area this month, and throughout California later in the year. Bringing California cannabis culture up to speed with California food philosophies, PdH aims to give users the ability to control their dosage and experience, while delivering a superior quality product on par with other gourmet foodstuffs valued in the market.

Made with California-grown, strain-specific cannabis flowers and extra virgin olive oil from small family farms in Northern California, PdH marries the West Coast ethos around local, sustainable products with the needs of cannabis users. It is the first luxury, flavor neutral cannabis-infused olive oil to hit the market.

The brainchild of Yannick Crespo, a gourmand with a background in finance/accounting, and Allison Comiso Bordsen, a biochemist and molecular biologist, PdH was born out of a combined passion to create a luxury product that is dosage-specific, flavor-neutral and offered the full scope of cannabis terpenes – which works synergistically with THC in providing medicinal benefits.

Dosage inconsistency in the edibles space is rampant, and we wanted to develop a sophisticated product to combat that issue – one that provided a safe, easy and consistent solution for precise dosage control. We also noticed a lack of gourmet products in the edibles market, and wanted to create a brand that would appeal to epicureans and those with discerning palates. PdH would be at home on the shelf next to any premium extra virgin olive oil brand.

Yannick Crespo

Conceptualized in 2015, Pot d’Huile was created after the team identified deficits in the edibles marketplace – a premium brand, made with integrity, that didn’t suffer from unfortunate flavor, uneven dosage, or lack of clear accessibility for home cooks and professional chefs. The PdH extraction methodology, developed and overseen by Allison Comiso Bordsen, the brand’s Chief Science Officer, provides a nearly flavorless infusion, while also preserving the THC and terpenes. Pot d’Huile uses innovative technology which yields consistent cannabis extraction and lends itself to scalable mass production. This process yields the full scope of plant cannabinoids, both medicinal and psychoactive properties. It also allows the user to have easy control and accuracy when dosing, an issue that has plagued the edibles market for years.

PdH allows users to know exactly how much THC they are ingesting through a simple measurement. One milligram of THC is present in one milliliter of PdH oil. This creates an easy ratio for making recipes and calibrating dosage based on serving size of a dish. Users can also blend PdH with non-infused olive oil to dilute potency for a broader range of dosage specific recipes.

The brand’s versatility creates a wide range of uses for home cooks as well as culinary professionals. The product can be used as any olive oil, in baked goods, soups, braises and stews. PdH is also easily at home in a range of recipes including salad dressings, hummus, cakes, and cookies. Users can work with their own culinary creativity to develop healthful, delicious food that also offers the cannabis experience they are looking for. When using Pot d’Huile it is important to note that frying should be avoided, as THC burns off at 314° F.

Pot d’Huile is currently on dispensary shelves now in San Francisco, and available for purchase in select, high-end dispensaries in two sizes – 25ml ($18) and 125ml ($60). PdH also offers a 375ml bottle that is available for wholesale only. To learn more about Pot d’Huile, please visit potdhuile.com or follow the brand on Instagram @potdhuile.

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