Sail – Bridging the Cannabis Knowledge Gap

Founded in 2014 as a subsidiary of MVC Technologies, Inc., and as the leading healthcare clinical decision support platform for the cannabis industry, Sail has established a healthcare technology company with a proven revenue model and positive cashflow from operations. Sail has a strong presence within North America developing knowledge-based applications to support clinicians and patients at the point of care, in making more informed decisions on the qualification, dosing and prescription of medical cannabis. With an initial raise of C$6m, Sail has a 2018 revenue run rate of C$11mm.

Helping patients, physicians, and clinics to access medical cannabis

At Sail, we understand there can be hesitancy when integrating medical cannabis into a clinician’s practice or patient’s treatment plan. Whether undue stigma, lack of experience or a perceived lack of clinically-validated data, that resistance is easy to overcome with the right tools. Our goal is to alleviate the questions and confusion surrounding medical cannabis, ensuring that the entire ecosystem has the necessary data and tools at the point-of-care to bring about a sense of comfort when achieving a new level of wellness for patients across the globe.

At our core, Sail is a healthcare technology platform that helps to increase the number of clinicians globally by providing guidelines and data for them to make the most informed decisions at the point-of-care. Acting as an intermediary between clinics and regulated vendors, our software connects patients, doctors, and clinics; acting as a hub of information, knowledge, and support in the complex world of medical cannabis.

The Sail Platform – through each of its applications – ingests and outputs data in real-time which can then be leveraged in aggregate form both by our clients, as well as other industry stakeholders. With more than 65,000 active patients currently in the system on an annual basis (over 250,000 patients since inception), we are uniquely suited to meet the business intelligence demands of every user, and every customer group either through dynamic dashboards or out-of-the-box reporting.

Sail Within The Medical Cannabis Ecosystem

Sail Technology Solutions

Sail Expands its US-based Healthcare Group Internationally
to Connect Physicians and Patients Looking to Integrate Cannabis into their Treatment Plans

Sail, a leader in medical cannabis-focused healthcare software used by clinicians and patients at the point-of-care, announced on January 4th, 2018 that its fully managed service business unit, Canna Care Docs will enter Canada under a telemedicine service model through its acquisition of US-based Canna Care Docs, which is one of the leading cannabis-specialty healthcare service providers in the United States.

The multi-state operation, which has provided qualification and certification services to more than 250,000 patients, provides a fully managed direct-to-market distribution channel for Sail’s Clinical Decision Support platform. Canna Care Docs will virtually connect healthcare practitioners and patients in a fully managed service model providing patients a more efficient point of access to physicians; and ensure clinicians have the knowledge-based tools required to qualify and prescribe with the required pre-post prescription activity support for patients.

The Sail Cannabis Team

Prad Sekar, CEO
Prad has been at the center of the Canadian medical cannabis industry since 2014. He launched and oversaw the growth efforts of a large medical cannabis clinical and resource group and has led innovation advancements at all touchpoints across the industry ecosystem. Recognizing a gap in the market for technology at the point-of-care to help clinicians and patients gain comfortability with cannabis as a medical treatment. His vision has helped drive Sail’s technology solutions to be adopted across multiple countries and in multiple states within the US. He continues to be a key voice in the industry on bringing proven, validated healthcare protocols to the cannabis industry.

Kash Qureshi, COO/CTO
A serial entrepreneur, Kash has been at the helm of a variety of healthcare and technology ventures. With a holistic executive view, Kash has found success leading sales, operations, finance, development and account management teams internationally. As a co-founder of Lift Resource Center, Kash entered the medical cannabis market in 2014. He understood that a global vision required a software solution with a technical architecture that could easily adapt to ever-evolving regulations and different frameworks in each region. As CTO of Sail, he has ensured that users in Canada, the US, Australia and soon to be Europe have the tools they require without needing heavy system customizations.

Daniel J. Thompson Jr. Esq., CMO
Dan brings over 15 years of international marketing and communications experience championing high-growth private and public technology companies. Most recently, Dan built and led the marketing divisions for the online retail technology company Groupby Inc. and travel retail and payment technology company, GuestLogix. Prior to that, Dan was responsible for brand development and promotion for luxury brands such as Rolex, Breitling, David Yurman, John Hardy and dozens more throughout North and Latin America. Dan graduated from Michigan State University with degrees in both marketing and communications.

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