Cannabis Dispensary Marketing Engine

Founded in 2012, springbig’s software as a service (SaaS) model is a leading provider in CRM and loyalty marketing. Now focused on the fastest growing industry in the US, springbig has been servicing its proven loyalty marketing experience and powerful suite of marketing tools directly to legal medical and recreational cannabis dispensaries. With customers across the United States and Canada, springbig is helping dispensaries keep their customers connected and engaged while allowing them to track their success and ROI in real-time. springbig is the first cannabis marketing platform to become HIPAA-certified.

springbig acquired customer experience platform BudTender, which will add more than 200 clients to the company’s existing customer base and increase market share to more than 1,900 retail locations across the U.S. and Canada.

One of the company’s newest offerings is SpringFORWARD. This program, in partnership with cannabis credit platform Lendica, offers financing services to up-and-coming brands and retailers.

A new source of revenue for cannabis dispensaries. Capitalize on proven technology to boost customer loyalty at cannabis retailers.

Solving Big Problems with springbig
A new source of revenue for cannabis businesses

The number of dispensaries and brands servicing the industry is growing at an annual rate of nearly 30%. Yet, they are virtually untapped for a sophisticated yet easy-to-use marketing platform that can help them connect with customers and grow their profit. springbig offers a suite of digital services that help create additional revenue that wasn’t previously available otherwise.

Leveraging Data For Dispensaries & Brands
springbig takes data and turns it into cash


Rewarding the most loyal customers to create a high retention rate and positive consumer shopping experience.


Easily and instantly send targeted messages based on customers interests and preferences directly.


Take the stress out of Cannabis CRM with with automated dispensary digital communications. Just set it and forget it – you don’t have to lift a finger.


Customers referred by friends are 5x more likely to actually make a purchase and spend 13.2% more on average. Turn your customers into influencers with a fully customizable referral program.

Easy Software Integration
Integrate with any POS system or data collection program

Springbig’s robust and open API allows for seamless integration with all major cannabis POS systems, e-commerce platforms, and more! Currently Springbig is integrated with 15 cannabis POS systems, including Green Bits, FlowHub, BioTrack, MJ Freeway, Cova, LeafLogix, and more!

springbig Customer Growth

With an approximate 14,000 dispensaries nationwide, springbig currently has more than 1,900 clients boasting over 36 million customers who use the springbig platform. Based on constant market growth springbig expects these numbers to rise dramatically. Below are two case sample studies of why more and more cannabis businesses are using springbig to improve customer experience and to create a new source of untapped revenue.

Success Story #1

Over a 1 yr. period, 125,000+ SMS/month @ 0.025 cents per text ($3,125 investment) generated $37,500 annual revenue for springbig and each SMS campaign generates $1,800 in incremental revenue for the dispensary.

Success Story #2

Over a 1 yr. period, 210,000+ SMS/month @ 0.020 cents per text ($4,200 investment) generated $50,400 annual revenue for springbig and each SMS campaign generates $7,065 in incremental revenue for the dispensary.

springbig for Brands

The cannabis industry’s first digital ad network. Introducing springbig brands: enterprise cannabis brand marketing software.

The customers in the springbig cannabis ad network are some of the most loyal cannabis consumers in the country.

springbig loyalty members expect to get text message updates on the latest dispensary deals right on their phones from a recognized dispensary number.

Cannabis brands can participate in our text message-based cannabis advertising network and get trackable ROAS (Return on Ad Spend).

springbig’s cannabis brand advertising platform has over 19 million dispensary customers waiting to receive cannabis advertisements through SMS messages from their favorite cannabis brands.

Management and Board

Jeffrey Harris – Co-Founder/CEO
Jeffrey Harris is the founder and chairman of one of the largest loyalty marketing firms in the nation, Inte Q, providing loyalty marketing and data driven marketing solutions for big box retailers and financial services companies. Prior to founding Inte Q, Harris held various executive positions for S&H Citadel, Inc. a national incentive marketing services firm headquartered outside of Chicago. In 2011, Harris saw an opportunity to provide this same solution for small businesses and by using his expertise in the industry, created springbig. Harris just completed a 20 year run as a member of Vistage, an organization dedicated to improving the effectiveness of CEOs, since 1998. Harris is also heavily involved in charities and currently serves on the board of various local non-profit organizations in Boca Raton, Florida.

Mark Horbal – SVP, Digital Communications 
Mark is the Chief technology Officer of SpringBIG. He is responsible for the design and evolution of SpringBIG’s technology platform.  Mark brings over 25 years of experience in development of high availability systems.  Prior to joining SpringBIG in 2012, Mark served as the CIO of Inte Q, and founder of V Technology Group and Aeliant Corporation, both focused on mission critical applications in medical, pharma and aerospace arenas. Mark is the inventor on twelve US patents and has been widely published.  He holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in Engineering and Computer Science from University of Illinois.

Paul Sykes – CFO
Paul is a finance guy with a passion for building great companies through organic and inorganic growth. Across a career that started in the U.K. has accumulated many experiences and learnt many lessons along a long, winding road that has led to Florida. A life-long fan of real football (aka soccer) and loyal supporter of Leeds United since childhood!

Navin Anand – CTO
As an engineer at heart, Navin enjoys managing engineering teams who solve challenging solutions and make your heart beat faster! At work, his primary focus is to question the status quo, looking forward to working with the team to pivot to the next level of excellence and ensure our customers get the best! Outside of work, Navin likes reading books (in physical form, no kindle), loves playing poker and spending time with family and friends!

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