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Trichome Financial
CSE Ticker: TFC
Market Focus: Canada
Classification: Specialty Finance
Country: Canada
Employees: ~116
Established: 2020
CEO: Michael Ruscetta


Fiscal Year-End: Dec 31
Exchanges: CSE, OTC
Auditor: MNP
Trading Debut: 12/16/19
Headquarters:  Toronto, ON

Financials (09/30/20)

Cash on hand: C$5.3 million
Fixed Investment: C$13.6 million
Shareholders’ Equity: C$28.0 million
Revenues – Last Quarter: C$970K
Adj. Gross Margin : -20.4%
EPS : C$0.00

Capital Structure (11/26/20)

Last Financing: C$6.2 million convertible debt
Common Shares: 25.2 million
Warrants: 0 million
Options: 5.9 million
Diluted Shares: 39.5 million

Multi-Country Operator IM Cannabis to Acquire Trichome Financial

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Company Brief

Trichome Financial is a specialty finance company focused on consolidating and restructuring complimentary cannabis assets, primarily in Canada. The recent purchase of James E. Wagner Cultivation Corp. out of CCAA along with the substantial financial and operating restructuring implemented has provided a unique platform to build a portfolio of high-quality consumer centric brands rooted in commercial excellence, delivery of quality products and rigorous focus on prudent capital allocation.

Trichome Financial was initially conceived as a specialty lender providing flexible and creative capital solutions to the global legal cannabis market to address the lack of credit availability in the large, growing and increasingly complex cannabis market. When Trichome Financial started, asset valuations were very high relative to intrinsic value and this favored a secured lending approach. Today, as capital has fled the sector, valuations have become highly compelling and many opportunities now exist to acquire operating assets with meaningful revenue and cash flow generation capability at a fraction of previously invested capital.


  • Acquisition of JWC provides platform to consolidate and rationalize cannabis assets
  • Focused product strategy with flower, pre-rolls, hash and kief; new strains in Q1 2021
  • Company expects JWC to generate at least C$22 million in revenue and adjusted EBITDA in excess of C$7 million in 2021

Growth Strategy

  • Financial restructuring of JWC eliminated liabilities and Trichome is now ready to leverage its platform
  • JWC is commercially focused with distribution in 5 provinces today, 7 by end of January 2021
  • Trichome intends to replicate its success with JWC by purchasing additional assets


  • Specialty finance company focused on restructuring Canadian cannabis assets
  • Disciplined capital allocation and rigorous operational oversight
  • Highly aligned management

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