Vaporizer Cartridge Innovator O.penVAPE Extends Product Offerings


CannaInsider’s Matthew Kind interviewed one of the cannabis industry’s leading entrepreneurs, Ralph Morgan, CEO of O.penVAPE.  Morgan, who used to sell joints (knees and hips) before building an empire that sells vaporizers and cartridges, launched the company in Colorado in 2012 and now operates in nine states.

Morgan explained why vaporization is gaining share so rapidly, with concentrates representing about 42% of the market. He described the evolution of the company’s products, which were originally sold with an excipient exclusively, to a majority no longer including it.  Instead, the company’s licensing partner purifies during the exaction process and follows with the reintroduction of terpenes. The company launched a dry herb vaporizer earlier this year with Ziggy Marley, and Morgan says that the company is working on incorporating other botanicals, like chamomile, into its cannabis products.

Key Takeaways:
[2:53] – Ralph talks about his background and starting Open Vape
[5:45] – Advantages of being a dispensary owner prior to Open Vape
[7:31] – The key attributes of Open Vape products
[9:07] – How has the vape pen market changed over the last couple of years
[12:33] – Terpenes and flavonoid considerations
[13:56] – Vape pens customizing the cannabis effects
[16:08] – Dealing with surprises in the market
[18:07] – New dry herb vaporizer
[20:38] – Opearting in different states
[22:00] – The future of the vape pen market
[23:39] – Ralph’s book and web tool recommendations
[28:17] – Contact details for Open Vape

Read the transcript or listen to “Vape Cartridge Leader Talks About The Market – Ralph Morgan of O.penVape”:

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