Viridian Sciences
Compliant Seed-To-Sale Software for Cannabis Businesses

Viridian Sciences provides seed-to-sale enterprise software solutions for anyone in the cannabis industry. Producers, processors, retailers, dispensaries, testing labs, equipment manufacturers, governmental bodies and ancillary businesses benefit from end to end world class software. Viridian Sciences is fully GAAP-compliant and contains audit- ready record keeping. As a global SAP partner, Viridian Sciences will help your company improve yield management and have total cost control to help improve profits.

Easy Integration With Your Cannabis Business!
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Producers & Cultivators

Automate seed-to-sale reports, accounting, integration with State systems, automated lab result applications, audit-ready GAAP-compliant recording keeping. Viridian Sciences is powered by SAP.

Processors & Extractors

Manage the packing process and full spectrum of extraction processes, as well as recording state required metrics. Extractions and infused edible inventories are batch tracked with integrated lab results.

Dispensaries & Retailers

Get real-time data into all business processes and deep-dive into customer and patient transactions as well as trends to better plan for future demand. Utilize our CRM with analytics to maximize your targeted marketing efforts.

The Viridian Sciences Difference
Proven Track Record and Vertical Industry Expertise

Viridian Sciences solutions are based on SAP, a world class business management software platform and a Top 15 global brand, Navigator Business Solutions. With automated seed-to-sale reporting, limitless integration possibilities, audit-ready record keeping and an all-in-one software offering, Viridian’s solutions are second to none. If you want to run your cannabis business as efficiently as possible, with economies of scale and full legal compliance, look no further. In addition to Viridian’s comprehensive seed-to-sale and producer/processor functionality, the company offers a multitude of other business modules.

Safe, Compliant & Secure Platform
These canna-businesses and many more rely on Viridian Sciences

Whether it’s tracking inventory, keeping up with changing laws, demand planning, reporting or to simply get to the cost-per-gram, Viridian Sciences has a solution for your cannabis business and provides full support with email, Skype or web-based ticketing system including extended business hours to enable customers flexibility when reaching out.

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