Turnkey Cannabis Processing Partner

XABIS delivers turnkey processing operations for the commercial scale transformation of cannabis from plant to product. At XABIS, we operate and manage the most technically difficult processes in the cannabis life cycle – All aspects related to the extraction and manufacturing of marijuana infused products. XABIS operates within our clients’ facilities so the client has complete control, utilizing our own employees to deliver the highest quality product on the market and to maintain performance and process best practices. XABIS specializes in non-toxic CO2 extraction, which offers a greater extraction efficiency and produces a far superior end product.

Turnkey Cannabis Processing Services
From licensing to manufacturing, we got you covered

Complete on-site extraction and manufacturing operations

Compliance, inventory management, supply chain and HR

Facility & systems design and implementation

Product development and License application support

XABIS produces products based on your desires

By using XABIS as your processing partner, we will extract the oil, build the products, and use your branded packaging to provide a turnkey solution from extraction to dispensary shelves. We also offer a branded product solution option that is great for companies that wish to produce a recognized, established product. Led by successful business leaders and PhDs, the XABIS team has experience with entrepreneurial start ups to Fortune 500 brands.

We specialize in hydrocarbon-free, non-toxic, sub-cool and supercritical C02 extraction which produces a purer, cleaner end product, with greater efficiency and safety. Our Extraction Efficiency surpasses industry averages providing significantly more product, greater purity, and higher amounts of useable product from feed stock. XABIS has also partnered with many ancillary services firms to bring a host of additional support options often requested by our clients. These services include but are not limited to, cannabis-focused accounting and law firms, a federally chartered bank accepting cannabis-based businesses and numerous equipment and supply companies.

XABIS represents over 150 years of combined experience

Dale Zink
Chief Executive Officer

Dale is the CEO of XABIS and has over 25 years’ experience in business, finance, and information technology. Dale’s focus is on business development, partnerships, finance, and overall operations. Prior to joining XABIS, Dale was COO for Immersive Partner Solutions, a high tech firm specializing in management of IT products. Dale has held positions of CEO, COO, CFO, and CIO for various companies. He has partnered with some of the largest companies in their respective industries, including Honeywell and Cisco. Dale started his career with Arthur Anderson and received his BS in Accounting from Purdue University.

Garret Nicodemus
Chief Operating Officer

Garret is the COO of XABIS and leads both engineering and scientific development of the supercritical extraction process, using his background in separations and process design and his proficiency with process simulation software (e.g. Aspen Plus, HYSYS). Garret was previously a lecturer and senior researcher for the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder, securing over one million dollars in grants and company funds, and instructing classes on extraction technologies. Garret holds a PhD and MS in Chemical and Biological Engineering from the University of Colorado in Boulder and a BS in Chemical Engineering from Lafayette College.

Gary S. Held
Executive Chairman

Gary is Executive Chairman of XABIS and brings over 35 years’ experience in multiple industries. Gary was most recently COO and director of DMI Biosciences (now Ampio Pharma), a publicly traded developer of pharmaceuticals and diagnostic tests. Prior to DMI, Gary was president of Connecting Point of America, a national chain of computer stores, and CEO of Northgate Computers, a publicly-traded manufacturer and marketer of personal computers. He rapidly grew both enterprises from early stage to over $200M in revenues in three years while managing over 950 employees. Gary was also president of Lantech, a voice, video, and data communications provider. Gary holds a BS from Whittier College and a JD from University of Denver.

Chris Woods
Director, Processing

Chris is the Director of Processing of XABIS and oversees the implementation, training, and compliance of all extraction and purification processes. His experience with multiple engineering methods and cutting-edge technologies has enabled him to create a ubiquitous training program related to the operation.  He is responsible for designing and implementing all XABIS extraction strategies for varied scales and compositions, while ensuring that these procedures follow federal, state, and local laws. Prior to XABIS, Chris worked as a university laboratory coordinator and endeavored in multiple entrepreneurial ventures in the Brewing Industry. Chris holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemical and Biological Engineering from the University of Colorado Boulder.  

Adrian Verwolf
Director, Research & Development

Adrian is director of R & D and thrives where chemistry, technology, and people come together. He has designed and operated two analytical chemistry labs and traveled the globe providing on-site support for computer technical events. He followed a non-traditional path after receiving his undergraduate degree, first working in software development, and then education, and finally overseas in information technology before completing his graduate education. His doctoral research focused on trace-level chemical measurements. Adrian holds a PhD in Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences from South Dakota School of Mines and a BS in Professional Chemistry from the University of Idaho.

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