Cannabis Company Chooze Targets Specific Moods with Terpene and Flavonoid Hemp Pucks


CannaInsider interviewed Charles Jones, the founder and CEO of Chooze, which offers LucidMood, a set of cannabis products targeting specific moods, including contentment, enthusiasm, fascination, and relaxation. Based in Boulder, Jones is a cognitive scientist who is also Chief Scientist at the Institute for Adaptive Mastery.

Chooze is trying to address the variability in effect of the many cannabis strains.  The company extracts terpenes associated with certain moods, weather a single terpene or a small blend. Additionally, the company created a base that is 50% each THC and CBD, which creates a “really good high” but not any particular mood.  The terpenes that are added to the base create the different moods.

Smith describes a proprietary approach in its R&D efforts to combine terpenes and flavonoids to create specific moods. Chooze has tested about 350 people and reports consistent results. The company’s products take the form of a hemp puck that can be used in any vaporizer that can handle flower, and this puck is separate from the base (and can be sold in all markets), while the base is available only in Colorado. The company will be offering more moods over time.

Key Takeaways:
1:14 – Charles talks about how he to into the cannabis space
3:43 – What is adaptive deficit disorder
7:54 – Charles talks about living a more harmonious life
12:39 – Creating a product that helps moods
15:50 – Charles discusses the experimental stage
21:19 – Other varieties of Lucid Mood
26:08 – Isolating terpenes to invoke moods
27:51 – People’s reactions to the different moods
31:22 – When will the moods come to market
34:44 – Charles’s book recommendations
36:25 – Contact details for Lucid Mood

Read the transcript or listen to the interview “Choose your Cannabis Mood with LucidMood”:

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