Cannabis Quality Assurance Leader Steep Hill Helps Breeders Make Better Strains


Reggie Gaudino is Vice President of Scientific Operations and the Director of Intellectual Property at Steep Hill, a national leader in cannabis quality assurance.

Reggie recently joined Ganjapreneur host Shango Los for a conversation about the genetic patenting of specific cannabis strains, the future of cannabis breeding, and how the involvement of big agriculture is going to shift the landscape of the entire marijuana industry.

What GenKit allows us to do is with the same work flow, test for a whole bunch of different things. The first product we put out on the market was the male-not-male discriminator. The whole idea was to have this be a piece of a bigger plan.

That bigger plan is to allow breeders to get to stable phenotype much faster. The sex-test is actually the first part, but now as we develop these new traits and we actually keep an eye out on our website because in probably less than a month, two months max, we have two or three trait markers that we’re adding to GenKit that we’re going to announce.

Listen to the interview or read the transcript of “Reggie Gaudino: Patenting Strains & the Future of Cannabis Intellectual Property”:

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