Canndescent Launches Ultra-Premium Cannabis Oils and Innovative Vaporization Device in California

Canndescent™ Launches the Stylus™ Series, Reconceptualizing Cannabis Vaping as a Transformative, Luxury Experience

California’s luxury cannabis leader launches ultra-premium oil cartridges, ready-to-use-pens and a three-setting, rechargeable vape accessory

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., Jan. 31, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Canndescent, California’s number one-selling brand of luxury cannabis flower in 2018, redefines vaping in 2019 by inviting consumers to experience Stylus. Throughout Q1, the company will launch the Stylus series, a family of timeless vape accessories and ultra-pure oils. The first launch on January 28, 2019 debuted the Stylus rechargeable accessory and its matching cartridges in Canndescent’s five signature effects—Calm, Cruise, Create, Connect, and Charge.

Establishing its pioneering luxury brand in 2015, Canndescent has reimagined the vape category by marrying its commitment to innovation, superior cannabis quality and gorgeous product design. The result is Stylus, a sleek, sophisticated vape series that establishes the standard for luxury vaping. Wrapped in Canndescent’s signature packaging, Stylus immediately announces itself as a bespoke experience and pampers consumers with thoughtful details including an elegant cap to protect the mouthpiece from dust and debris. From gold-plated contacts and soft-touch finishes, to a magnetic pairing system and labeled cartridges, Stylus fuses form and function into breathtaking accessories.

To transform its ultra-premium flowers into connoisseur oils, Canndescent’s team harnessed a “cold and slow” CO2 extraction process. This ensures Stylus’ oils never have a “burnt taste”. To deliver the holistic effects found in its celebrated flower, the company mirrored the cannabinoid and terpene profiles of its most popular strains and eschewed all artificial additives, cutting agents and synthetic formulations. Equally important, the Stylus series only sources cuttings from Canndescent’s gardens, ensuring consumers enjoy the highest quality ingredients as opposed to cannabis scraps from multiple, undisclosed gardens. Simply put, in every choice and detail, Canndescent prioritizes the consumer, curating best-of-class ingredients into clear cannabis extracts that deliver rich flavors, a silky inhale, and an unrivaled wellness experience.

Stylus will thrill connoisseurs and attract new consumers to cannabis vaping because it injects joy and excellence into a product category that abandoned the consumer experience. We conceived Stylus to inspire consumers to write their story and transform their lives. For this to happen, the product must invigorate the five senses from the moment they see its silhouette, feel its velvety weight, smell its bouquet, taste its essence, and ultimately exhale with a renewed outlook.

Adrian Sedlin, Canndescent’s CEO

The launch of the Stylus rechargeable battery and ultra-premium cartridges will be celebrated with a private event held in the heart of Hollywood, California on February 9, 2019. There will be a special guest appearance with Chelsea Handler, celebrated comedian and long-time cannabis advocate.

Arrangements for the appearance of Chelsea Handler made through Greater Talent Network, LLC. New York, NY.

Product Details:

Canndescent Stylus Rechargeable Vape Pen

Stylus transforms the rechargeable vape battery into a timeless, groundbreaking accessory. When paired with Stylus’ ultra-clear oil cartridges, the rechargeable device optimizes each of Canndescent’s five signature effects with the perfect temperature setting. Choose your effect. Pick your temperature. It’s time to write your story.

  • Releases January 28, 2019
  • Sleek, modern, timeless design with soft-touch finishes
  • Three temperature settings (2.7V, 3.1V, 3.6V) and pre-heat functionality
  • Reinforced, unibody construction
  • High Capacity 350 mAh power
  • Consumer-controlled dosing
  • $60 MSRP
  • Includes
    • Protective cap to shield mouthpiece from dirt, dust and debris.
    • Orange, velvet dust bag to prevent scuffing or nicks
    • Micro USB Charger
    • 3 magnetic rings for convenient automatic pairing with Canndescent or other cartridges
    • First edition, clamshell, collector’s box

Canndescent Ultra-Premium Oil Cartridges

Stylus ultra-clear oil cartridges use natural terpenes, no artificial additives, and essential oils from Canndescent’s renowned, virgin cannabis. The cartridges magnetically pair with the Stylus rechargeable device but also work with any 510 threaded devices, encouraging all consumers to use Canndescent’s five signature effects to write their story.

  • Releases January 28, 2019
  • 500MG ceramic cartridges deliver approximately 200 draws and 50 consumer experiences
  • Contains Stylus ultra-clear, single origin, oil
  • Available in Canndescent five signature effects—Calm, Cruise, Create, Connect, and Charge
  • Potencies between 82%-86% depending on effect
  • Cartridges include effect name, so customers can identify contents when rotating cartridges
  • Magnetic pairing and 510 threading
  • In-line, heavy-hitting, airflow (6 x1.5mm holes)
  • Ceramic, childproof, compression mouthpiece
  • Gold-plated contacts
  • Contaminant-free, tungsten-free coil
  • 100% oil-absorption guarantee
  • $50 MSRP

Stylus Ready-To-Use Vape Pen

Designed for those seeking to unlock the moment, the Stylus Ready-To-Use Vape Pen transforms the disposable pen into a timeless accessory. Using natural terpenes, no artificial additives, and essential oils from Canndescent’s renowned cannabis flower, the ready-to-use pens come in Canndescent’s five signature effects so all consumers can write their story.

  • Releases Mid-February 2019
  • 500MG pen offers approximately 200 draws and 50 consumer experiences.
  • Contains Stylus ultra-clear, single origin oil
  • Available in Canndescent five signature effects—Calm, Cruise, Create, Connect, and Charge
  • Potencies between 82%-86% depending on effect
  • Sleek, modern, timeless design with soft-touch finishes
  • Includes a protective cap to shield mouthpiece from dirt, dust and debris
  • Consumer-controlled dosing
  • In-line, heavy-hitting, airflow (6 x1.5mm holes)
  • High capacity 280 mAh power
  • Gold-plated contacts and contaminant-free, tungsten-free coil
  • 100% oil-absorption guarantee
  • $65 MSRP

For more information on the Stylus Series, please visit

About Canndescent

Canndescent empowers adults to turn down the noise, unlock the moment and transform their lives with ultra-premium cannabis products. In 2015, Canndescent became the first cannabis cultivator in the world to abandon traditional strain names and pioneer effects-based cannabis, selling its flowers under the names, Calm, Cruise, Create, Connect and Charge. In 2016, the company opened the first municipally-permitted facility in California; in 2017, Canndescent became California’s #1-selling flower brand, and in 2018, the company became the state’s #1-selling brand of luxury flower products. Consumers can purchase Canndescent products at leading dispensary and delivery services throughout California and can learn more about the company at

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