Creating a New Category for Cannabis Professionals: Interpening

Max Montrose Trichome Institute

Just as a sommelier helps wine enthusiasts understand the most optimal way to experience wine, a master of interpening has studied the art and science of cannabis to helps their clients make the best choices for their needs.

Max Montrose, founder of the Trichome Institute walks us through how to take your knowledge to the next level.

The reason why I started the Trichome Institute is because of my unbelievable frustration with the lack of cannabis education that exists, and the education that does exist is just unbelievable the amount of misinformation that’s in there and how many cannabis schools that exist that have never verified the information that they’re certifying you in.

Key Takeaways:
3:43 – What is the Trichome Institute
4:31 – The ROI of educated budtenders
8:56 – Max talks about customer engagement
11:00 – Max discusses the textbook used by the Trichome Institute
14:33 – Max talks about light bulb moments for students in the classroom
17:14 – Adding oils to vape pens
22:26 – Max talks about interpening
27:53 – What is nutrient lock
30:50 – Max talks about the second interpening class
36:46 – Misconceptions in the cannabis industry
40:25 – Max discusses live resin
49:33 – Max says all Indica and Sativa edibles are fake
54:30 – Different strains for different individuals
59:17 – Max’s advice to people looking to get in the industry

Read the transcript or listen to the interview “Are There Sommeliers for Cannabis? Interview with Max Montrose”:

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