Daily Cannabis Consumers Account for 70% of Consumption in Colorado


Adam Orens of Marijuana Policy Group dives into impact studies for the state of Colorado.

Topics covered:

  • How much cannabis is purchased in dispensaries
  • How much cannabis super-users purchase, and why you need to pay attention to this particular type of consumer
  • How tax revenues are impacted and how that is changing the perception of the public

Key Takeaways:
2:24 – Adam’s background and how he got started in the cannabis industry
4:10 – Adam discusses the report Market Size and Demand for Marijuana in Colorado
5:59 – Tax revenues and the cannabis industry
8:19 – Adam talks about how much cannabis is being consumed in Colorado
9:24 – What are cannabis super-users?
11:37 – Adam talks about surprising findings in the report
12:26 – Discussing potency
15:00 – Adam talks about Colorado’s seed to sale tracking system, Metric
16:45 – What should entrepreneurs consider before launching a new product
19:21 – Adam talks about his view of the cannabis market have evolved
23:04 – Adam discusses the tourists’ behavior around cannabis
25:10 – What has changed in the market since the report was produced
27:40 – Contact details for the Marijuana Policy Group

Listen to the CannaInsider interview or read the transcript of “The Impact of Cannabis on Tourism, Consumer Spending, Society and Taxes”: http://www.cannainsider.com/adam-orens/

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