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Amazon’s Jeff Bezos suggests that a brand is for a company like a reputation for a person, “You earn a reputation by trying to do hard things well.” Committing to doing one thing or set of things better than anyone else is the foundation of a great brand. Volvo safety, Apple innovation, and Google search are just a few well-known examples. One cannabis industry startup is positioning themselves to do just that.  For ebbu, that one thing is consistency.

Predictable Cannabis Products

Led by one of the entrepreneurs that brought us the Assassin’s Creed video game franchise, the ebbu team is working to develop a method of distilling the active ingredients in cannabis so that they can be used to create products with consistent, predictable effects. Their five initial “feelings” are chill, create, giggle, bliss, and energy, and they’re working to isolate the specific compounds in cannabis that elicit these responses. Co-founder Dooma Wendschuh shed some light on their approach to brand-building.


Dooma Wendschuh, ebbu Co-Founder

ebbu stands for predictability and reliability. Our distilled cannabis products are an entirely new product category – they’re unlike any of the oils or concentrates on the market. We don’t make medical marijuana. We make preventative medicine. A healthier, safer alternative to alcohol and tobacco. We don’t compromise, and have an obsessive dedication to quality. We produce a premium product, and provide attainable luxury to consumers.

Read Bradley Turner’s “Brand Focus: The Consistency Factor, Ft. ebbu”: http://www.ganjapreneur.com/brand-focus-the-consistency-factory-ft-ebbu/ 

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