FireFly CEO Explains How Cannabis Vaporizer’s Dynamic Convection Boosts User Experience


Matthew Kind of CannaInsider interviewed Mark Williams, the CEO of FireFly Vaporizers, which makes a high-end cannabis vaporizer. Williams managed a team responsible for all user experience design activities over the course of 4 full releases of Mac OS X Server at Apple for 5 years before founding the company with Sasha Robinson in 2012. Much of the interview is about the advantages of vaping to smoking and the technical aspects of their device, which uses dynamic convection to reach the targeted temperature over about 10 seconds, allowing a better way to enjoy the whole plant experience and entourage effects than a static temperature would permit.

Williams also discussed how the Firefly 2 works with concentrates using a special brillo-like pad and then adjust the temperature of the device using a free app. The device allows vaporization at 300 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, a dramatically lower temperature than other devices that allows superior taste.

Key Takeaways:
[3:14] – What is Firefly?
[4:02] – Mark’s background
[5:00] – Mark explains the difference between smoking and vaporizing
[6:33] – Mark talks about his Co-founder and how they came up with Firefly
[17:21] – Controlling the temperature of the Firefly to get the most out of your flower
[22:10] – Mark talks about terpenes
[26:30] – Mark talks about some differences between Firefly and other vaporizers
[28:16] – How do you know when your flower is spent using a vaporizer
[30:22] – Mark talks about using concentrates in Firefly
[39:34] – Mark discusses the companion app that goes with Firefly
[41:30] – Mark’s personal Firefly settings
[51:17] – Mark answers some personal development questions
[56:32] – Firefly website and contact details

Listen to the interview or access the transcript of “Dialing In Your Cannabis Experience with This Vaporizer Technology”:

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