Israeli Medical Cannabis Company Bazelet to Export from Recently Completed Facility

Bazelet Completes New World-Scale Manufacturing Plant and Develops New Patent-Pending Cannabis Formulations with Improved Therapeutic Effects

TEL AVIV, Israel, November 28, 2017 /PRNewswire/ —

Israeli Medical Cannabis Company Bazelet has completed a fully GMP complying new manufacturing plant with a large production capacity, sufficient to serve all medical cannabis needs of 100,000 patients. Manufacturing will use state-of-the-art, industrialized, proprietary technologies designed to provide high quality, accurate and carefully consistent products. Production in the new plant will start in Q1 of 2018 to meet increasing demand in Israel and foreseen export options.

On completion of the new plant, Bazelet reaches new peaks of capacity and quality and becomes a key player in the medical cannabis world. We are using the best technology, science, experience, innovation, and care to provide our patients with the best solutions to their needs. We look forward to exporting our excellent products to the rapidly opening new markets.

Meir Ariel, CEO of Bazelet

In designing and constructing its new plant, Bazelet has engaged the best engineering, equipment, air-control and safety expertise to ensure smooth, accurate, automatic and reliable production. Bazelet will operate according to GMP (good manufacturing practices) at the new premises. The plant features several clean rooms for special products and will operate with a drying and curing capacity sufficient to treat 300-400 tons of cannabis per year and with extraction capacity at around 60 tons per year.

Bazelet has a strong and innovative R&D team of scientists and experts from a range of fields including chemistry, biology, neurology, analytical chemistry, pharmacology, herbal treatment, plant extracts, and bee’s science. It is well networked in the Israeli scientific community, including university labs and university hospitals. Bazelet’s team uses its science, diversity, creativity, vast patient knowhow and proprietary manufacturing knowledge to best serve its patients, to further improve production, to form new products and delivery methods and to explore new applications for its products. This work has led so far to 14 provisional patent applications, with seven of them in the PCT stage.

A recent product of Bazelet’s innovative R&D group are new cannabis formulations directed to enhance the therapeutic effect in an array of conditions, including treatment of pain, anxiety, various neurological conditions, auto-immune diseases, conditions related to women health and wellness and conditions characterizing geriatric populations. Another set of formulations is directed to the treatment of children, including cases of epilepsy and autism, aiming to reduce putative long-term effects in this population. Those formulations are based on cannabis enrichment with particular terpene blends, specific for each indication. Bazelet’s first patent application in this field was published recently, the International Search Report (ISR) promisingly found all claims possessed Utility, Novelty, and an Inventive Step.

I am proud of our diverse, innovative and fruitful R&D team. Our new terpene-enriched products are tailored to the specific needs of the various groups of patients for improved therapeutic effects.

Prof. Aharon (Ari) Eyal, CSO at Bazelet

Intellectual property has also covered extraction methods, a cannabis-based veterinary composition for improving the health of bees and a honey-cannabinoid composition. Find out more about Bazelet:

About Bazelet

Bazelet is an Israeli medical cannabis company that was founded five years ago. Bazelet currently processes crops from half of Israeli’s eight licensed farms to serve the needs of 10,000 medical cannabis patients, around 40% of licensed users in Israel. Bazelet securely delivers its products to the homes of thousands of patients every month. In its portfolio, Bazelet has a range of 50 different cannabis strains and 20 different oils. It runs an in-house laboratory to analyze its products confirming their composition, quality, and reproducibility.

Bazelet talks to and personally meets thousands of patients every month, starting with the guidance of newly-licensed patients on how to correctly use their medical cannabis. It gets to know its patients’ medical needs and personal conditions (age, other medications, lifestyle, etc.) and uses that to guide them on selecting the most suitable strains and delivery method for their needs. Bazelet employs highly-experienced pharmacists, naturopaths and herbal-treatment experts to provide the best advice to patients. Bazelet has leadership teams focusing on special clients’ communities, including autistic and epileptic children, women wellbeing and geriatric medicine.

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