Leading California Cannabis Lawyer Khurshid Khoja Breaks Down Changing State Laws

Khurshid Khoja is the Principal and founder of Greenbridge Corporate Counsel, a business law firm representing clientele across sectors in the legal cannabis industry.  He currently serves as on the Board of Directors of the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) and was a Founding Board Member of both the California Cannabis Industry Association (CCIA) and the Illinois Cannabis Industry Association (ILCIA). Khoja was The ArcView Group’s first General Counsel and helped it launch the ArcView Angel Network.

The company has a great mission statement:  “Greenbridge is committed to deploying its business law expertise to help the most respected, accomplished and visionary professionals in the cannabis and industrial hemp industries build a sustainable, responsible, and professional cannabis industry that can successfully advocate for change.”


In this CannaInsider interview, he breaks down the major issues facing the rapidly changing regulatory environment in California, discussing BMMR, MRSA and AUMA (and a bunch of other acronyms!).

Key Takeaways:
2:27 – Why Khurshid starting Greenbridge
6:17 – Khurshid’s take on legislative actions
8:22 – What is the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act
10:05 – Khurshid explains the Cole Memo
11:10 – Khurshid talks about common questions and concerns from clients
14:01 – Out of state investors that want to invest in the CA cannabis market
16:44 – Opportunities for new types of business
20:01 – Khurshid talks about BMMR
22:04 – Licensing deadlines
23:41 – Why do raids continue (MedWest)
30:15 – Khurshid talks about his top of mind issues
35:40 – Pesticide regulation
40:52 – Contact details for Greenbridge Law

Read the transcript or listen to the interview “The Opportunities and Burdens in California’s New Cannabis Regulations”:  http://www.cannainsider.com/khurshid-khoja/

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