LEDs Emerge in Cannabis Production

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A few years out of graduate school in botany, Paul Gray found himself tinkering with the lights for growing Green Crack. Yeah, that Green Crack: the strain of weed so strong that none other than Snoop Dogg—according to ganja lore—bestowed it such a name. Gray wasn’t just messing around, though. He found that growing Green Crack under light-emitting diode lamps could make the already potent strain even stronger.

Gray works for Illumitex, one of many LED companies catering to the cannabis industry. As more states legalize recreational and medical marijuana use, the business is growing and professionalizing. And LEDs, for their part, have recently gotten cheap enough to be more than a novelty. The once-underground world of indoor cannabis growing is coming out into the light—a soothing, magenta glow from LEDs.

Read Sarah Zhang’s “How LEDs Are Making Weed Better”: http://www.wired.com/2015/10/leds-upended-marijuana-growing-can-upend-agriculture/

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