New West Genetics Aims to Build a Better Breed of Industrial Hemp

New West Genetics

CannaInsider interviewed the founders of Colorado-based New West Genetics, Wendy Mosher, CEO and John McKay, Director of Genetics, who are married.  The company aims to improve and develop industrial hemp as a viable crop for the United States, applying the most up-to-date technology to marker selected breeding projects.  Its first products will include in chaff and seed, and the company offers custom breeding and genetics services.

Key Takeaways:
1:51 – Wendy and John’s background
3:01 – What is New West Genetics
3:50 – John talks about his opinion on cannabis and hemp plant distinction
6:13 – Wendy talks about the licensing to grow hemp
8:47 – John talks about the seed sterilization
11:24 – John discusses the support he gets from the University of Colorado
13:05 – Biggest hemp opportunities
14:37 – Who is New West’s customer base
17:09 – John talks about the differences between inside and outside grown hemp
19:48 – John discusses crop uniformity
24:25 – Differences in CBD oil from hemp and from cannabis flower
25:55 – Innovative uses for hemp
29:15 – Wendy talks about intellectual property’s future evolvement
32:19 – Contact details for New West Genetics

Read the transcript or listen to the interview “Innovations in Hemp Science with New West Genetics”:

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