Potbotics: The Science Behind Cannabis And The Brain


BrainBot Tracks How Cannabis Impacts The Brain

Potbotics, a science oriented biotechnology company based out of New York, is successfully implementing a wireless EEG (electroencephalography) helmet that allows the capture of brainwaves in an effort to study how different cannabis strains affect the patient. Potbotics hopes that, through the application of this technology, they can make the entire medical cannabis process more streamlined and efficient. According to their website, Potbotics wants to get rid of the “roll of the dice” when it comes to recommendations for medical cannabis treatments.

Cashinbis recently interviewed Dr. David Toomey, from Med-X, Inc., who said that medical physicians are being forced into taking a conservative approach to cannabis for a couple of reasons. First, federal regulation severely limits what medical professionals can and cannot say to their patients. Second, these professionals simply do not know enough to be well versed in the space. The information that Potbotics is collecting and on target to publish in the first quarter of 2016 will provide medical professionals with a high-level recommendation tool. Doctors will be able to look at these medical strains, see their neurological impact on the brain, and make educated recommendations (or prescriptions when cannabis is reclassified from Schedule 1) for treatment. On a quest to find out more about this innovation in the cannabis space, we spoke to David Goldstein, CEO of Potbotics.

Read the interview on Cashinbis:  https://www.cashinbis.com/the-science-behind-cannabis-and-the-brain/

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