Trina Fraser on Fixing Canada's Medical Marijuana Program

Tina Fraser

Trina Fraser, a partner at BrazeauSeller.LLP, a law firm in Ottawa, Ontario, has been following Canada’s MMPR system since its inception and has worked with clients in the application process.  Having a week to reflect on the path ahead to legalization in Canada, she shares some observations about the current system, which needs improving, sharing four specific recommendations.

Since last week’s election, I have been inundated with phone calls, emails and social media posts asking for my opinion on cannabis legalization. What will it look like (Will home grows be permitted? Will dispensaries be permitted? Will edibles be permitted? etc. etc.) When will it happen?

Well…I have absolutely no idea. There are many different scenarios that can be envisioned for legalization or decriminalization and the path to be taken by our new Liberal government remains to be seen. How quickly anything happens will be driven more by politics than anything else, I believe.

But here’s what I do know: the MMPR is flawed. If I were advising our new incoming Minister of Health, I would suggest that step one should be an overhaul of the program. Licensed producers are not going anywhere. Regardless of what ‘legalization’ may mean for these producers, we need to create a workable regime within which to issue licences and within which these producers can operate and flourish. If a recreational component is to be added, it makes sense to build upon a solid foundation.

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