How to Use the CannaDx to Find the Right Cannabis Strain


CEO Daniel Yazbeck of MyDx Inc. (OTC: MYDX) interviews with David Friedman, CEO of MJIC Media, LLC at the Cannabis Growth Capital Conference in Las Vegas, NV in November. In this interview, Daniel showcases the MyDx portable chemical analyzer and mobile app.


  • Lack of accessible quality control inspired Yazbeck, who worked at Pfizer and Panasonic previously, to create the device
  • The company has licensed the technology for cannabis chemical profiling
  • The cannabis sensor, CannaDx, is the first of four diagnostics, with OrganaDx testing for pesticides in food, AquaDX for toxins in water and AeroDx for toxins in the air.
  • 15 sample inserts included
  • Core technology has 16 different sensors
  • Sample chamber holds 50mg of cannabis
  • Unit can be controlled by bluetooth
  • Tests for 25 chemicals and takes about 3 minutes
  • Ultimate goal is to find the right strain by effect
  • Company has HIPAA-compliant database to track chemical profiles against effects
  • The company hopes to be able to match sample to common strain names as well
  • Device doesn’t replace labs, many of whom partner with company
  • Over 500 units in the field (nearing 1000) and working on distribution agreements, with 20K data points generated

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