CannaDx Cannabis Testing Device Falls Short in Review

MyDxGreen Flower Media has been posting product review videos since the beginning of the year, and this week Mandee Lee reviewed the MyDx Analyzer on Try This.  MyDx, Inc. (OTC: MYDX), the maker of the CannaDx cannabis testing device, strives to allow users “to Trust and Verify™ the cannabis you put into your body.”  Mandee, who really likes their app (which is available for free though she would pay for it) and appreciates the idea of empowering consumers with the information that the device could provide, ended up rating the device very poorly.

After reviewing the Analyzer I found several features that the company said the device could do but didn’t actually work or were not actually available yet.

Some of her criticisms:

  • The results aren’t actually the sample you provide but representative of similar strains
  • Her actual lab testing results suggested the MyDx is inaccurate
  • Live plant material can’t be tested yet, and many sensors aren’t yet available
  • Poor customer service (but great how-to videos)
  • Too expensive for its current capabilities, both the device and the consumables and warranty

Read Mandee Lee’s “The Future of In-Home Cannabis Testing?”:

Editor’s Note:  MyDX posted the following comment to Greenflower Media’s original story subsequent to our publication:

Please check out the MyDx White Paper link below which provides a comprehensive review of the cannabis testing industry (where state approved lab test results can vary from 13.9%-23.9% THC for the same sample of cannabis) as well as the accuracy of MyDx as compared to hundreds of lab tested samples.

To Learn more about the CannaDx Application, please click here:

Unfortunately, your review is based on very limited data and a misinterpretation and misunderstanding of the claims behind our product.

We are 100% transparent about the accuracy of our product, what it can do today, and our intention has never been to replace labs as claimed in this review.

Please contact us so we may assist you to ensure you are getting the most out of your experience with the MyDx Analyzer.

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