These Cannabis Companies Are Aggressively Hiring Professionals

Exclusive Look at Open and Recently Filled Cannabis Job Opportunities at Canopy Growth, Hiku Brands, Kush Bottles, and Steep Hill.

With regulations trending toward medical programs and adult-use in markets across the world, the cannabis industry is one of the fastest growing businesses, which means companies are looking for top talent to support and further their growth. It can be challenging to find qualified candidates due to stigma that still exists, as well as the job security issues that come with the startup nature of many cannabis companies. Despite these obstacles, the cannabis space is filled with passionate people dedicated to building a thriving industry, and more people like them are looking to make their mark. Here are some examples of the types of jobs leading cannabis companies offer:

Beverage Formulation Chemist at Canopy Growth

Canopy Growth, headquartered in Smith Falls, Ontario, is adding a beverage formulation chemist as a direct result of their strategic partnership with Constellation Brands. Constellation invested in the company, and it will give insight into alcohol distribution and branding. The company is now in the testing phase of creating beverages with cannabis, which is where the beverage formulation chemist comes into play.

Canopy Growth Extraction Lab

Cannabis infused beverages cannot be marketed in Canada yet, but the next phase of the country’s adult-use regulatory framework will likely include edibles and beverages. In advance of that, the beverage formulation chemist at Canopy Growth will lead the development, analysis, and presentation of beverage formulations. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in chemistry, problem solving skills, curiosity, and the ability to work under pressure.

The culture at Canopy Growth, a company with a team of hundreds, fosters curiosity and drives its employees to achieve results. The beverage formulation chemist role comes with stock options and a competitive salary.

Brand Manager at Hiku Brands

Hiku Brands, located in Toronto, Ontario, is seeking to fill the role of brand manager, which will focus on responsibilities like product development, sales forecasting, advertising, consumer promotions, strategic planning, and budget management. Hiku, powered by the retail products of Tokyo Smoke, the cannabis production of DOJA, and the educational platforms of Van der Pop, is dedicated to creating an extensive portfolio of cannabis products.

Tokyo Smoke store in Calgary, Alberta

The company is seeking candidates that bring five to eight years of experience in brand creation and product launches. Top candidates will have experience in alcohol or consumer packaged goods industries and be comfortable working across the marketing, sales, operations, and retail divisions. The salary for the role is commensurate with experience.

The team at Hiku will be approximately 140 strong across the front office, retail, and grow facility divisions following the closing of the acquisition of WeedMD.  As it grows, the company is consistently looking to hire passionate people who fit with its dynamic and committed culture.

Project Manager at Kush Bottles

Kush Bottles, which has locations in Denver, Colorado; Santa Ana, California; and Woodinville, Washington, recently began its new project management division and filled the new project manager role. The project manager is managing the company’s branded projects, whether existing or in development, by serving as the liaison between the sales team, customers, and U.S. and international factories and keeping abreast of compliance and regulatory requirements.

Training at the Kush Bottles headquarters in California

This role demands someone with a balance of technical and creative skills who comes with at least two previous years of experience in project management. The project manager works on the company’s cloud-based ERP system, where the sales team can see the status of a product from start to finish, and connects with people across multiple time zones to bring Kush Bottle’s different projects to fruition.

The company just reached the 100 employee milestone, but the acquisition of Summit Innovations means the company will have roughly a 115-member team. As a publically traded company, Kush Bottles offers its employees stock options, as well as health benefits. The rapidly growing industry and company means employees have the opportunity to advance with the company, but they must thrive in a quickly changing environment.

Director of Regulatory Affairs at Steep Hill

Steep Hill Labs, a cannabis science and technology company in Berkeley, California, is searching for a director of regulatory affairs to lead the company’s understanding of and strategy for local, state, federal, and international compliance. Reporting to the chief legal officer, the director of regulatory affairs will track and report on regulatory changes, as well as help review and prepare regulatory documents for submission to the proper authorities.

Reggie Gaudino, Steep Hill Chief Science Officer, in the company’s Berkeley headquarters

The ideal candidate will have a strong background in regulatory affairs, including a master’s degree in public policy, experience drafting legislation in a government body, and/or time spent working with a life sciences company.

Six months ago, the company employed about 45 people. Now, that number is more than 70, and the company expects to hire 100 more people in the coming year. Steep Hill fosters a collaborative environment and actively manages its culture. The company just completed a culture assessment to better understand what is important to its employees and where they want the company to go. This assessment, which features the voice of every employee, will help create the company’s guiding principles.

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In this first installment, we are profiling careers from several leading companies that are also clients of New Cannabis Ventures. If you know of a company who is aggressively hiring in the cannabis industry and want them to be profiled in future articles, please let us know.

Exclusive article by Carrie Pallardy
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