TILT Holdings’ Blackbird Launches Innovative New All-in-One Cannabis Retail Platform for Sales, Home Delivery and Customer Management

Combines the Best of Baker Customer Management and Blackbird E-Commerce Technology, Helping Retailers to Drive Sales, Simplify Operations and Gain Loyal Customers

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Dec. 10, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — TILT Holdings Inc. (“TILT” or the “Company”) (CSE: TILT) (OTCQB: TLLTF), a foundational technology cannabis platform comprised of assets to support brands worldwide, announced today that its subsidiary, Blackbird Holdings Corp. (“Blackbird”), introduced one of the first software platforms for cannabis retailers that combines e-commerce, distribution, inventory management and customer relationship management (“CRM”) in a single environment.

The new version of Blackbird eliminates the need for retailers to manage multiple software tools to run their stores and dispensaries. The all-in-one software includes point-of-sale (“POS”), delivery services, a loyalty program and digital customer messaging – among other capabilities – in a simple, cloud-based tool. Cannabis retailers can now increase sales, attract customers and improve operations with greater ease and efficiency.

The new platform stems from the full integration of Blackbird and Baker Technologies Inc. (“Baker”), a cannabis industry leading CRM software. “Blackbird for Retailers” combines the best features of Baker’s CRM for building loyal customer relationships with Blackbird’s e-commerce and supply chain capabilities.

Two technology leaders have come together to create a powerful and versatile retail platform in the cannabis industry. Not only does the new Blackbird platform drive more sales and simplify operations, it lets retailers focus on what matters most – servicing their customers.

Tim Conder, CEO of Blackbird

Blackbird Enhancements

Loyalty and rewards are now seamlessly integrated within the Blackbird POS platform. Retailers can now customize their loyalty programs to offer points-per-dollar or visit-based rewards, setup point magnifiers to provide happy hour specials, and loyalty tiers to reward their biggest spenders. Dispensary customers also receive the ability to:

  • join programs faster by having opt-in included in the checkout process of their first online order;
  • redeem rewards as part of the online or in-store checkout process to save time; and
  • check point balances at any time to see how far they are from the next reward.

Blackbird users can now manage sales and inventory better through a user-friendly and compliant POS system. Online menus, optimized for mobile users, add e-commerce capabilities to retailers’ existing brick and mortar businesses. The system speeds and simplifies customer purchases while keeping store personnel constantly abreast of what products are on the floor, in stores and on the way. It also provides a single platform for managing inventory, order fulfillment and deliveries, all with automatically generated compliance documentation and real-time visual reports.

A variety of online and in-store marketing tools allow retailers to attract and engage more customers as well. New, fully Telephone Consumer Protection Act compliant, personalized multimedia messaging service text messaging campaigns targeting specific customers through the Blackbird platform not only save money, but with immediate consumer contact they yield more customer conversions than email marketing alone. When customers need additional support, Blackbird’s dispatch and support teams become seamless extensions of the retailers’ businesses. Online, a live chat feature connects customers instantly to Blackbird’s dedicated support staff. Blackbird’s delivery services keep their commerce moving with efficient customer deliveries. All operations are covered with fully compliant processes and applicable insurance coverage.

The new Blackbird for Retailers is available immediately.

The platform is also available at a discounted rate to participants of social equity cannabis license programs through Blackbird Social Equity Outreach Initiatives, which provides technology, distribution and expertise to holders of cannabis Equity Licenses.

To learn more about the enhanced features and capabilities in the Blackbird for Retailers, please visit myblackbird.com/retail/.

About TILT

TILT Holdings serves cannabis brands worldwide through a strong network of portfolio companies committed to technological innovations that support long-term success. TILT services more than 2,000 brands and cannabis retailers across 33 states in the U.S., as well as in Canada, Israel, Mexico, South America and the European Union. As a market leader in cannabis technology and related products and services, the Company’s core assets include wholly-owned subsidiaries Jupiter Research, LLC, a company that focuses on the vast potential of inhalation through innovative design, development and manufacturing; Blackbird, a company that provides operations and software solutions for wholesale and retail distribution; and Baker, a CRM platform helping dispensaries grow their business. The Company also owns cannabis operations in states including Massachusetts, led by Commonwealth Alternative Care, Inc.; and in Pennsylvania, led by Standard Farms, LLC. Headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with offices throughout the U.S., and London, TILT has over 400 employees and has sales in the U.S., Canada and Europe. For more information, visit www.tiltholdings.com.

About Blackbird

Blackbird is a software and operations company that moves cannabis product through the supply chain. The Reno, Nevada-based company has cannabis distribution licenses in California and Nevada, transporting $1 million worth of product every day from brands to retailers to consumers. Blackbird’s software is used by manufacturers, cultivators, and retailers to manage and transfer inventory, create compliant delivery documentation, and track delivery orders. Blackbird also offers a robust e-commerce tool called BlackbirdGo that lets cannabis retailers generate delivery and pick-up orders from end users. By providing these operational and technological solutions to all types of cannabis license holders, Blackbird helps businesses focus on the creation and sale of cannabis products instead of building out a complex and costly supply chain infrastructure.

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