Wana Brands Expands its Extended-Release Cannabis Capsules to Oregon and Nevada

Nancy Whiteman Wana

Boulder-based Wana Brands has developed a strong reputation in cannabis-infused products and is expanding its brand outside of Colorado. Co-Founder Nancy Whiteman discussed the growth of the company and the niche it is targeting in an interview with CannaInsider.

While its products are varied, one of the more interesting ones are the Wana Caps, which are made in partnership with an Israeli biopharmaceutical company. The line has three extended release formulations, including 10mg of THC and 1mg of CBD, 10mg of each and 10mg of CBD and 1mg of THC. The latter two are the most popular.

Wana Brands has expanded to Oregon and Nevada, and it is looking to partner in other states as well. Whiteman points to the significant regulatory experience the company has developed as being a big potential time-saver for prospective partners.

Key Takeaways:
1:32 – How Nancy got in the cannabis industry and started Wana Brands
2:27 – Wana Brands most popular products
4:05 – Nancy talks about Wana Caps
6:05 – How do you decide which products to launch
8:57 – Nancy talks about getting dispensary owners interested in her products
10:31 – Evolution of infused products
13:22 – Medical reasons for using Wana Caps
15:11 – Nancy talks about challenges of being in the infused products business
19:25 – One thing Nancy could change about the infused market
25:16 – Nancy talks about the California marketplace
26:17 – Nancy’s advice to women entering the cannabis space
28:13 – Nancy’s book recommendation
30:21 – Contact details for Wana Brands

Listen to the interview or read the transcript “Creating Quality Cannabis Infused Products That Customers Embrace”: http://www.cannainsider.com/nancy-whiteman-wanna-brands/

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