Commercial Cannabis Cultivation: The Shift from Warehouses to Greenhouses

CannaInsider Jay Czarkowski Matt Cohen

Matt Cohen of Triq Systems and Jay Czarkowski of Canna Advisors walk us through the amazing cultivation techniques of the Dutch, and all the benefits of growing cannabis in Dutch greenhouses.

Key Takeaways:
1:39 – Matt and Jay talk about their backgrounds
3:34 – Matt talks about Dutch greenhouses
5:56 – Jay talks about why he advises his clients to use greenhouses
8:22 – Matt discusses growers being forced to go high-tech
10:37 – Can newbies survive in the cannabis space
12:26 – Matt discusses Dutch greenhouse innovation
15:18 – Jay talks about what he looks for in a greenhouse
17:02 – Matt talks about harvesting, drying and curing
23:16 – Jay talks about space requirements for drying/curing
25:58 – Matt talks about Eagle 20
33:45 – Matt talks about the future of greenhouses
36:25 – Is it worth going to Holland to view the technology
37:30 – Jay talks about the future of cultivation
38:56 – Contact Details

Listen to “Using Dutch Greenhouses to Grow Cannabis”:

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